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How to join a Google MEET video meeting

 You will receive an invitation to Google MEET video meeting. All you need to do is click on the button in the email.

Alternatively, if you get sent a meeting code then go to 


 click on "Join or start a meeting" and copy or enter the meeting code into the box and then hit Continue.


Once you are in the meeting


Seriously, keeping your microphone on Mute is important to keep out background noise. Be careful to only mute your microphone via the pop-up bar. Don’t mute your sound from the taskbar.

The right hand side of your taskbar should have your sound ON and not muted.

As a participant in a meeting there are only a couple of things you need to look at / worry about. If you place your mouse just above the taskbar near the bottom of the screen a menu type bar will pop up.


The things on the bar are :-

1. Meeting Code

2. Microphone Mute/Unmute

3. Hangup if you wish to leave the meeting

4. Video if you want to turn your video feed off (bad hair day! – but you wont be able to present)

5. “Turn on captions” – I suggest leaving it off

6. “Present Now” or “You Are Presenting”. If it is your turn to share your screen then the current Presenter will click on the option to stop presenting. You can then click on “Present Now” to take control. Pick the “Entire Screen” (you will need to pick which screen to present from if you have multiple screen) option and then click on the same option again when you have finished presenting.

7. Three vertical dots = “more options”. You shouldn’t need this


On the top right of the screen you will see how many people are in the meeting, a caption box where you can send typed messages and a view of what others are seeing coming from your webcam.

When you send or receive a message you can get rid of the pane the pops out from the right of the screen by just clicking on screen the to the left of the pane.

Please check that you are reasonably lined up with your webcam.

All pretty straightforward and not a lot to go wrong. The big challenge in a video meeting with lots of people if controlling the noise. Everyone bar the person speaking must mute their microphones. We might need to appoint an umpire who leaves their mike on and verbally appoints the next person to speak. Perhaps back to the classroom with hands up to indicate a wish to speak.



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