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Unwanted Certificates - Donation

Unwanted Certificates - Donation

Price: $5.00 (including 0 % tax)

This item is a donation for Unwanted Certificates.

Make a copy of the receipt and email it to: FHWA Unwanted Certificates Coordinator, along with the details of the certificate/s you require and the postal address where the certificate/s need to be sent.  Also indicate whether you would like a pdf if it is available.

All donations of $2 or more to the Library Fund are Tax Deductible. There is NO GST applied to donations. Donations greatly assist us to improve our resources for FHWA members and visitors.

Simply select how many Unwanted Certificates you would like by increasing the quantity of $5.00 donations - add the donation to your Cart and proceed to make your payment - thank you.

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