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Recent Meetings - demos and workshops

1. 2021 Meetings

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The list of websites mentioned during a meeting is now being sent to the people who attend that meeting.


2. 2020 Meetings

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2.1. May 2020

Found on the web

pdfTech SIG May 2020 links

2.2. March 2020

Found on the web

pdfTech SIG March 2020 links

2.3. February 2020

Found on the web, technology challenges

pdfTech SIG February 2020 meeting notes



3. 2019 Meetings

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3.1. December 2019

Found on the web, the year that was

pdfTech SIG December 2019 meeting notes

3.2. November 2019

Found on the web, Clanview 2.0 demo

pdfTech SIG November 2019 meeting notes

3.3. October 2019

Found on the web, online genealogy education

pdfTech SIG October 2019 meeting notes

3.4. September 2019

Survey, found on the web, Legacy Family Tree demo

pdfTech SIG September 2019 meeting notes

3.5. August 2019

Found on the web, new brochures, large charts

pdfTech SIG August 2019 meeting notes

3.6. July 2019

Google maps and Google earth

pdfTech SIG July 2019 meeting notes

3.7. June 2019

Finding files, Chromecast demo

pdfTech SIG June 2019 meeting notes

3.8. April 2019

Tech SIG mail list, found on the web, 30 years of the World Wide Web

pdfTech SIG April 2019 meeting notes

3.9. March 2019

Short AGM, change of group name, Chromecast

pdfCSIG March 2019 meeting notes

3.10. February 2019 

Those attending the February meeting were asked for their opinions on a name change for the Group and an indication of topics they would like covered over the next ten months.

Robert then gave us an insight into the NBN - the past, the present, the future and everything we need to know before we connect up. 

(Robert's presentation can be viewed in the Members' Only Area of the CSIG page.  Login into the WAGS website to access this area)

pdfCSIG February 2019 meeting notes



4. 2018 Meetings

4.1. December 2018

We got right down to business!  Chris Harris WAGS IT Manager talked about Cloud Computing and new developments in the WAGS IT world, including the Society's new email addresses and the WAGS website move to a new hosting service. 

Julie Martin followed up with a look at how Powerpoint can be used to create customised family trees. 

pdfCSIG December 2018 meeting notes

4.2. November 2018

Shane Clementson, Perth software developer, demonstrated his interactive 3D genealogy program, Clanview to a very appreciative audience.  Shane also brought CAKE for morning tea, as did the wonderful Wendy of course! As the day after our meeting was the 100th anniversary of the Signing of the Armistice, Robert presented a very timely presentation titled Medals gone missing. Another great CSIG meeting!

(Robert's presentation can be viewed in the Members' Only Area of the CSIG page.  Login into the WAGS website to access this area)

pdfCSIG November 2018 meeting notes

4.3. October 2018

Michael raised the tone of today's Computer SIG meeting with a Shakespearean recitation, Gwyn’s One Note definitely struck a few chords, Chris explained the difference between a search engine and a browser and Ray reminded us that the solution to a technical problem is often the obvious one! All in all, an informative and entertaining two hours!

pdfCSIG October 2018 meeting notes

4.4. September 2018

At last Saturday's Computer SIG meeting, Robert delved into Facebook terms and conditions and privacy settings and gave us a glimpse of the adventures experienced by the Himalayan Seven on motorbikes travelling from Tibet to Lhasa (he was the tribal elder!) Ray told us about the Emergency+ and MedAdvisor Apps which we should all have on our smartphones... a morning of interesting and useful items!

*[Presentations can be viewed in the Computer Group Members Only Area. Login into the WAGS website to access this MOA area]

pdfCSIG September 2018 meeting notes

4.5. August 2018

Ian recently purchased a new computer and shared his experiences of setting it up with CSIG Members 

*[Presentations can be viewed in the Computer Group Members Only Area. Login into the WAGS website to access this MOA area]

pdfCSIG August 2018 meeting notes

4.6. July 2018

We got to see how Edwina Shooter uses Evernote for her genealogical research and Geoff Brade dipped into his years of experience and extensive knowledge of printers to give us some insights into what might work best for each of us.

pdfCSIG July 2018 meeting notes

4.7. June 2018  

The June meeting of the Computer SIG was cancelled because of a conflict with the Unlock the Past two-day seminar at the State Library of WA 

4.8. May 2018

It was our FREE meeting and we looked at Flickr*, Kanopy, Print Friendly and PDF and some free overseas newspaper databases. Wendy's cake and the coffee were also free!

*[Presentations can be viewed in the Computer Group Members Only Area. Login into the WAGS website to access this MOA area]

pdfCSIG May 2018 meeting notes

4.9. April 2018

We looked at some Awesome Apps this April! Liana showed us some that had been featured at the AFFHO Congress, Chris Harris demonstrated her favourite new app - DNA Painter and Ian Dew showed us an app he'd created himself. It was an awesome meeting! 

pdfCSIG April 2018 meeting notes

4.10. March 2018 

The AGM was over quickly and we welcome two new committee members! Robert Holloway gave an excellent presentation on GPS* and we achieved a live cross to the AFFHO Congress. It seemed Ian Dew had developed a stutter when he began talking about Duck Duck Go but it was just another informative look at Scams and Spams and What's new on the Web. An enjoyable and informative meeting!

*[Presentations can be viewed in the Computer Group Members Only Area. Login into the WAGS website to access this MOA area]

pdfCSIG March 2018 meeting notes  

4.11. February 2018  

We welcomed back Shane Clementson for an update on his software ClanView and took a look at Familypedia and fake email addresses and IDs.

 pdfCSIG February 2018 meeting notes  

5. 2017 Meetings  

5.1. December 2017 

A big thank you to Jenni, Robert, Edwina and Ray for spreading Christmas goodwill at yesterday's Computer Group Meeting. Jenni Ibrahim kicked off the last meeting for 2017 with her 'gift' to the group - points to consider when writing a genealogical and digital will - a sobering topic but one we all need to consider and address. An e-publication Take control of your digital legacy by Joe Kissell will soon be available in the WAGS Library.   

pdf2017, December - LIFE Personal Affairs Record Book ex Jenni Ibrahim.pdf

Robert Holloway gave two excellent short presentations on ICloud and Bitcoin. The meteoric rise in the value of the Bitcoin and its mysterious origins prompted some lively informal discussion. Edwina Shooter, the WAGS Librarian brought in some items of interest from the WAGS Library, most of which went out on loan immediately and Ray Smith finished up with two entertaining presentations - one concerning the repetition of events in his paternal family line and the other about creating his own story for his family which prompted much laughter from the audience and a sea of nodding heads.

Thank you to everyone who participated in WAGS Computer Group meetings during 2017 and we wish you a happy and safe Christmas and a new year free of software and hardware failures.

[Presentations can be viewed in the Computer Group Members Only Area.  Login into the WAGS website to access this MOA area]

pdfCSIG December 2017 meeting notes

5.2. November 2017 

Following a presentation commemorating the 99th Anniversary of the signing of the Armistice in 1918, Shane Clementson, a software developer from Vicinity View demonstrated ClanView, a program under construction which will enable genealogists to visually share family history information.

 pdfCSIG November 2017 meeting notes

5.3. October 2017  

Robert Holloway introduced members to WiFI Mesh and Ian Dew reported on the latest Spams and Scams, what he'd found recently on the Web and concluded his demonstration on ways to record what's being displayed on a computer screen.  

[Presentations can be viewed in the Computer Group Members Only Area.  Login into the WAGS website to access this MOA area]

pdfCSIG October 2017 meeting notes

September 2017   

Sam Wilson and Tom Hogarth from the Western Australian Branch of Wikimedia Australia (WikiClubWest) gave us an insight into the Wikimedia Foundation and some of its projects, including Wikipedia. Chris Loudon demonstrated the WAGS Wiki which had been developed for the use of members.

pdfCSIG September 2017 meeting notes 

5.4. August 2017  

The first segment of our August meeting featured a demonstration of Transcript and was followed by a presentation and discussion about Password Managers.

pdfCSIG August 2017 meeting notes 

5.5. July 2017 

After a short discussion about Bitcoins, Mac Users and Society updates from the WAGS President, CSIG Committee member, Geoff Brade spoke in detail about

pdfCSIG July 2017 meeting notes


5.6. June 2017

The hacking of password managers and free Vs paid antivirus software were some of the items found on the Web this month.  Allen Jamieson demonstrated the WAGS EDR and gave an insight into accessing the 1000+ resources it contains.  Ian Dew demonstrated the numerous ways to 'copy and paste' when using Windows software. 

[Presentations can be viewed in the Computer Group Members Only Area.  Login into the WAGS website to access this MOA area]

pdfCSIG June 2017 meeting notes 

5.7. May 2017

Bytes & Bobs, Scams & Spams were discussed as was the amalgamation of the forums of the TMG, Legacy and Computer SIGs.  Presentations about WA Land Records and Twile and Zoom Past were given.

[Presentations can be viewed in the Computer Group Members Only Area.  Login into the WAGS website to access this MOA area]

pdfCSIG May 2017 meeting notes  

5.8. April 2017

Bytes & Bobs, Scams & Spams were discussed as was the migration of obsolete formats. The debate about naming digital pictures as well as best practice for housing photographic prints continued.

[Presentations can be viewed in the Computer Group Members Only Area.  Login into the WAGS website to access this MOA area]

pdfCSIG April 2017 meeting notes    

5.9. March 2017

The meeting opened with the Group's AGM and the election of the Convenors and Committee for 2017/18.  Websites of interest and spams and scams were revealed. Ian and Julie gave presentations about naming and organising family photographs and Gwyn introduced us to Webinars.

[Presentations can be viewed in the Computer Group Members Only Area.  Login into the WAGS website to access the Computer SIG area]  

pdfCSIG March 2017 meeting notes

5.10. February 2017

Topics included:  GEDSITE, a genealogy web site builder for GEDCOM files, ideas for family gatherings and what NOT to upload to genealogy websites.

pdfCSIG February 2017 meeting notes

2016 Meetings


5.11. December 2016

The final Computer Group meeting for 2016 was an opportunity for members to air their opinions and offer suggestions about the Group’s direction in 2017.   The outcome of those discussions can be found in the meeting notes below.

pdfCSIG December 2016 meeting notes

5.12. October 2016 

Computer-CrashTopics included; Warning for iPhone 7 users, Perth Genealogy FB page, FamilySearch Probate Records for New Zealand, Internet of Things under attack, Failed Backups & Disaster Recovery, Web tools for citations format, Win10 Taskbar settings, some websites to visit (all in the notes).

pdfCSIG October 2016 meeting notes

5.13. September 2016

Various items discussed including; Ellis Island, Working with Windows, Queensland State Archives, Parish Registers, Goons on Family Search - and more -> pdfCSIG September 2016 notes

5.14. August 2016

Items discussed included: Kanban boards; showing "other family dimensions" using Genograms & specialist software; online family tree alternatives; setting your PC up as a server; & using stand alone online family trees on your own computer + some new web sites to view - see details in the minutes on our CIG MOA page.

5.15. July 2016

Our focus for this meeting was on backing up your data - see presentations in the CIG MOA page.

5.16. June 2016

The June meeting of the CIG was all about photos. Julie demonstrated why negatives are original sources, Ian told us how to add metadata without special software and mistakes we should avoid when scanning photos and Chris talked about options for managing photos on computers.  Presentations and other items can be viewed in the Computer SIG Members Only Area. Login in to the WAGS website before accessing the Computer SIG area. 

pdfCSIG Meeting notes June 2016

pdfNew additions to subscription websites June 2016

pdfScottish family histories now available

May 2016 

The last meeting for Autumn 2016 attracted twenty eight members, including three first time attendees.  Ian provided information on a number of current computer related issues and Chris helped make sense of image file formats. The virtues of RootsMagic as a genealogy software package were demonstrated by Ray Smith. The community sing-a-long was temporarily postposed.  

pdfCSIG Meeting notes May 2016

pdfNew additions to subscription websites May 2016

April 2016

We welcomed four new WAGS members to our April meeting and Ian discussed passwords, cemetery photographs and the perils of OCR and digitised newspapers. Alastair showed us some of the clever 'apps'  to be found on Family Search and used in conjunction with family trees and Chris revealed more of the amazing applications of spreadsheets.   See the three documents below for full details of topics discussed at the meeting and other interesting items of information

pdfCSIG Meeting notes April 2016

pdfInteresting website links from Jenni Ibrahim

pdfNew additions to subscription websites April 2016  

5.17. March 2016

Discussion around the "Efficiency Dividend" that our erstwhile Feral (sorry Federal) Govenment has placed on the National Library of Australia, and the consequent reduction in the service that the NLA can provide in its programs particulary to Trove. #FundTrove hashtag is being used on social media to highlight the issue, please show your support by writing to your local member of parliment. See support article on the WAGS Blog - What is it about Trove?

We did cover other things, had a look at using formulas in spreadsheets, interative website maps,  PUPs, image manipulation, + had couple of great eye opening online software links to follow up on, see WAGS CIG Forum here.

5.18. February 2016

We welcomed six new WAGS members to our first computer group meeting for 2016 and kicked off the year with the usual bunch of interesting topics. We took a look at scam emails and Mind Maps with Chris, Alastair showed us how to find 'hidden' digitised images on Family Search and Ian introduced us to the world of PUPS!  

For full details of topics discussed at the meeting and associated links as well as Ian's presentation slides see the documents below

pdfCIG Meeting Notes February 2016

pdfThe not so cute PUPS - presentation and notes



6. 2015 Meetings

6.1. December 2015

Our Co-Convenors Julie & Ian were unable to make it today so missed out on a sumptuous shared lunch, with cake - unlucky for them.

Alastair led us into some interesting insights to FamilySearch imgaes collection; including indexed and unindexed pages, probate records in Auckland, and South African records - access is via the Catalogue search pages. Alastair also showed us a few useful tips on searching for images on Facebook.

Chris outlined a couple of Mozilla Corp pages on "Get Smart on the Web" and "Privacy Basics: Passwords, Tracking and Data Retention" - well worth a visit for all of us.

We also touched on the proposed demise of Family Tree Maker - see here for discussion by some bloggers on the issue: Amy Johnson Crow, 3 things to consider  - Thomas MacEntee, Blame the Millenials  - Lisa Louise Cooke, What it means for you  - Dick Eastman, Retiring FTM



We then had an example of looking at old photos with a forensic eye. Comparing the use of high-res scans (300dpi - left) with using a USB microscope (right - from a different image), and how this can enable us to get more detail through high resolution snap shots / crops from an original image, which must be a good quality image to start with. (Click images to zoom to an image at 250px to compare the detail).


6.2.  November 2015

Our visitor, Jenni Ibrahim showed us how to Unleash the power of Google whilst Chris introduced us to the power of the Dark Net and the Deep Web. Mike gave us an insight into the 1939 Register and Ian demonstrated how Excel has been used to record genealogical information.  Meeting notes and information from Jenni's presentation are below.

pdfCIG Meeting Notes November 2015

pdfUnleashing the power of Google - notes format

pdfUnleashing the power of Google - presentation format

6.3. October 2015

The October meeting sped along at a merry pace with demonstrations of some Australian newspaper websites, Linux and its many flavours and apps, webtrees, blogs, Twile and Ian's presentation on Internet security. Links and details are in the meeting minutes.

pdfCIG Meeting notes October 2015

6.4. September 2015

The September meeting was conducted by the 'boys' and was jam packed full of interesting and informative items - the quirky, the scams and spams, genealogy website updates and info about Windows 10 and much more. Full details can be found in the meeting notes:

 pdfCIG meeting notes September 2015.pdf

6.5.  August 2015

The August presentations were interesting and varied. The presentations from Julie and Chris included; a short history of the suburb of Mt Hawthorn, TROVE (databases, blog and searches), graphics editing using Paint.NET, the functions of CC Cleaner and the pros and cons of the new Windows 10 operating system. Full details in the meeting notes:

pdfCIG meeting notes August 2015251 KB

6.6. June 2015

The assembled members had a look at the NZ newspaper archives site Papers Past, as well as Discovering Anzacs and the revamped Commonwealth War Graves Commission website. Ray Smith shared his journey of building a FH website as well as what he sees on his early morning walks around Willetton. Chris rounded off the meeting with a look at Word Press.

6.7. May 2015

Alastair demonstrated the new Place Research Tool which is under development on the FamilySearch website and Ian gave us some pointers about creating our own websites.  The list of resources for Australian military research compiled and shared with us by Edwina Shooter is now available below. 

CIG Minutes May 2015


6.8. April 2015

Chris led a discussion on where to for the CIG for the next 12 months as a follow up from last months meeting. Then a session of the good (& bad) of social media for general use & genealogy. Minutes with a couple of infographics below:

pdfCIG minutes April 20151.1 MB

6.9. March 2015

Mike did a follow-up on his quest to find the link with his new DNA-revealed cousin in Canada. After that the AGM, where Mike stood down (after 10 years)  and a newly invigorated committee was elected, two of whom agreed to take on the roles of Co-Convenors - Ian Dew and Julie Martin. Carole Lee joins Chris Loudon and Alastair Honeybun on the Committee. Chris facilitated a good discussion on structure and topics of future meetings. And the minutes are here!

pdfCIG minutes Mar 201587.25 KB

6.10. February 2015

Good discussions about the special event commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Cheops photo. Huge interest and terrific feedback to WAGS. Also Mike shared the results of his recent DNA tests and the mystery of a close cousin in Canada...what's the relationship and how did it happen? Will we ever find out? 



7. 2014 Meetings

7.1. December 2014

Short meeting followed by a long end-of-year lunch

7.2. November 2014

We looked at lots of new things and discussed sources and citations, and how to know if your research findings can be supported.

Full notes have been posted on the CIG Forum.

7.3. October 2014

We had a BYOP session (Bring Your Own Problem) and managed to resolve a few. And we looked at what's new on the various websites.

7.4. May 2014

We looked at a video explaining how to use some of the drill-down features on the new findmypast, and also had a good discussion on the 'cloud' with particular emphasis on Dropbox and how to use it.

7.5. April 2014

We talked about the withdrawal of support for XP and the general topic of keeping everything up-to-date: hardware, operating system, applications, storage media. Complex topics. General advice – if you want to use the internet then you need to upgrade from Windows XP, even if that means buying a new computer and upgrading all your applications. Ask the store to transfer your data across to the new box (expect to pay). And we talked about the new threat to big websites - Heartbleed. Reputable websites (who use OpenSSL) are busily fixing  up their sites, so do nothing unless the website tells you they're vulnerable and you need to change passwords.

7.6. March 2014

AGM and the Convenor and Committee were re-elected. As a reward (punishment) the Committee (Ian, Chris, Alastair and Mike) formed a panel to discuss some big topics about the future, moderated by Lesley. Outcome...much change still to come and the world looks good for genealogists.

Members of the WA SIG joined us then for the launch of the new website about the 11th Battalion

7.7. February 2014

Chris hosted the first meeting of the year (Mike was all at sea, on a genealogy cruise). 



8. 2013 Meetings

8.1. December 2013

Who can remember this far back? We had a nice lunch.

8.2. November 2013


FamilySearch & Legacy Tree data merging - Ian gave a great demo on the merging of FamilySearch & Legacy merging including the tricks & traps you can encounter along the way.

Digital image & photo manipulation - Chris provided some background terminology for the topic & demonstrated some practical examples using one of the freely available image manipulation programs.

pdfCIG minutes November 20137.7 KB

8.3. October 2013the-interpet

Great interaction on Social Networking / Media - demo from Ian on how he uses Facebook for genealogy & interacting with interstate or overseas relatives.

Looked at Infographics, RSS feeds, a couple of genealogy blogs, reasons for slow computers (bloat) and cleaning up the hard drive, RAM & the computer registry.

pdfCIG minutes October 2013120.7 KB

8.4. September 2013

Good discussion about genealogy software (a few new members attended, intereted in our views). Looked at some new online resources, and Mike discussed the process of refereshing his business website.

pdfCIG minutes Sept 201353.22 KB

8.5. August 2013

We looked at some new information on the big websites, discussed genealogy software and had a fascinating presentation on the benefits of GIS and geo-tagging from John Blackburn. Then we discussed how to organise files and folders on our commputers. No right answers, but plenty of good ideas,

pdfCIG minutes August 201337.27 KB

8.6. July 2013

Wecome back Liana as WAGS President. It's noteworthy that the most recent 3 Presidents of WAGS are all regular members of the CIG. It's the group to be part of folks!

At this month's meeting we had a look at some new online material, as well as Facebook.  Ian gave us some insights into computer security. It turns out that the enemy is us. Be careful about downloading things, opening attachments, and don't send money to Africa...

pdfCIG minutes July 201368.49 KB

8.7. June 2013

We had a look at some of the new material on ancestry, familysearch, findmypast and britishorigins. We looked at some excellent BLOGS to keep up-to-date.Chris showed off his new toy, a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and also demonstrated how to make a blog. We also looked at his family tree on the website.

pdfCIG minutes June 201371.4 KB

8.8. May 2013

Chris showed us the new WAGS wiki page and we also had a look at the new familysearch site, now that it's been officially launched. 

pdf CIG minutes May 201353.16 KB

8.9. April 2013

Discussion about the many information channels that WAGS now uses to get information to the members, and also facilities for members to use to raise questions and share comments, ideas and information. And a short discussion about travelling with laptops, tablets and phones and how to avoid being hit by excessive 'roaming' charges.

pdfCIG minutes April 201351.95 KB

8.10. March 2013

We had an intense session on Backup; Ian gave an extremely useful talk on Why it's important, What to backup, When to do it, Where to put it and How to go about it.

pdfCIG minutes Mar 201333 KB

8.11. February 2013

Our AGM - review of the year and re-election of Committee (Ian Dew, Alastair Honeybun and Chris Loudon) and Convenor (Mike Murray).Then we looked at a few interesting websites, chewed the fat, and spent time looking at Welsh resoiurces and teasing out the intricacies of the Welsh naming traditions.

pdfCIG minutes Feb 201355.04 KB



9. 2012 Meetings

9.1. December 2012

A short meeting with lots of good websites and a great demo of FlipPal scanner by Ian Scott, followed by end-of-year lunch

pdfCIG minutes December 201253.56 KB

9.2. November 2012

Had a look at using VM's (Virtual Machines) on a laptopor & desktop, their uses and possible pitfalls, also peeked at emulators for smart phones and tablets. Websites visited included Internet Archives for Scottish parish records, and a spacial mapping site for British, Spanish and Dutch Shipping 1750-1800.

pdfCIG minutes Nov 20127.35 KB

9.3. October 2012

Looked at Dropbox (again) and a few websites and discussed the recent restrictions of access to WA BDMs imposed by the Registrar with no warning or discussion.

pdfCIG minutes Oct 201251.46 KB

9.4. September 2012

Looked at wikis and also explored the findmypast variants that are available at the WAGS library. Looks like Findmypast world subscription may be worthwhile. Also we were given a lesson in how to use to get info about Irish wills and then go through another website to get original certificates. Just another reason why the Computer Interest Group is such a valuable use of a couple of hours on a Saturday!

pdfCIG minutes Sep 2012 53.67 Kb

9.5. August 2012

National Family History Week was a great success; lots of new members. We discussed scams and spams and hacking; helped a guest with problems loading Family Tree Maker onto her new computer; looked at a few websites and explored the British Newspapers Archives – a new WAGS subscriptions for members. All the details are in the minutes.

pdfCIG minutes Aug 2012 

9.6. July 2012

As well as the usual bits and pieces, we had a good discussion about scams and adware like text enhancer, and a demonstation of Britishorigins, which is a subscription site available free to WAGS members in unit 6. Don't forget to book if you want a slot,

pdfCIG minutes July 2012 643.52 Kb

9.7. June 2012

We looked at the IGI which has been 'resurrected' on the familysearch site; MIke demonstrated the new version 10 of Reunion for Macintosh; and we had a demonstration of a document archiving system. And thanks, Brian for the minutes.

pdfCIG minutes June 2012 67.82 Kb 

9.8. May 2012

Chris showed us the new databases on this website, Ian gave a presentation om security issues, Alastair led us through the new South African indexes available online, Mike revisited DNA testing. 

pdfCIG minutes May 2012 69.91 Kb 

9.9. April 2012

We reviewed the recent AFFHO genealogy congress in Adelaide - a couple of dozen of us went there. Alastair showed us the new familysearch site and how to use it. Mike showed some of his favourite blogs.

pdfCIG minutes Apr 2012 71.08 Kb

9.10. March 2012

After a quick look at some interesting things, Mike rushed off to Mandurah and Chris spoke about Drop-box, Skype and other communications tools. 

pdfCIG minutes Mar 2012 45.80 Kb  

9.11. February 2012

During a short AGM  the following positions were filled: Convenor: Mike Murray; CIGCOM members: Ian Dew, Alastair Honeybun, Chris Loudon. We developed a list of topics to be featured over the coming year (see minutes attcahed). Looked at a few websites and demonstrated some of the new material that has appeared in the big websites such as ancetry and familysearch.

pdfCIG minutes Feb 2012 44.72 Kb



10. 2011 Meetings

10.1. December 2011

A few websites, a preview of Mike's Top Ten Tips for finding lost ancestors (to be presented at the Adelaide Congress in March), a demonstration of the (free) tools that Alastair uses to manipulate images (census, newspapers), followed by lunch to finish off the year.

pdfCIG minutes Dec 2011 33.00 Kb   

10.2. November 2011

We talked a bit about the group and agreed that a small Committee would be useful to spread the load, stimulate ideas and prevent staleness. Alastair Honeybun, Ian Dew and Chris Loudon have agreed to join Mike as an interim committee...we'll formalise it all at the February meeting next year.  

We looked at some websites, talked about many things and then Mike did a demo of some good websites for WW1 information and records.

pdfCIG minutes Nov 2011 62.37 Kb 

10.3. October 2011

As well as  a good discussion on many topics, including organising files on different computers, Mike ran through the challenges of tracing forward in time to find descendants of our ancestors, i.e. cousins. Slides are attached.

pdfCIG minutes Oct 2011 45.71 Kb 

pdfTracing Descendants Presentation 330.43 Kb

10.4. September 2011

Went through the new material that's been uploaded onto familysearch, ancestry and findmypast over the last few months. You can keep up to date with all of those sites by checking their 'what's new' pages from time to time.

pdfCIG minutes Sept 2011 55.60 Kb

10.5. August 2011

Had a laugh, and a cry, looked at; how Geni progams might handle difficult relationships; Opera magnifier; other Societies websites; links to online tools; another online Geni program; telephone scams "Mumbai calling..."; plus "the answer to the ultimate question is ...." >>> ????

pdfWAGS CIG Minutes August 2011 11.20 Kb

10.6. July 2011

Today we had a look at the Opera Browser, discussed Phone Scams and where to report them + Demo's of the WAGS EDR project & phpGedView Genealogy software.

pdfWAGS CIG Minutes July 2011 10.25 Kb  

10.7. June 2011

What about Mac Viruses? are they real or imagined? We also had a look at Jewish Genealogy websites and Demo's of the WAGS Forum and SIG's Forum, and how to search the various tables on the WAGS Website. In particular we had a search of the "Members Only" table of Western Australian Reverse Marriages Index 1829-1857.

pdfWAGS CIG Minutes - June 2011 7.47 Kb

10.8. May 2011

A 'relaxed and informative' meeting; covered a range of items including the new Liverpool parish records on and the new filters on

pdfCIG Minutes - May 2011 59.93 Kb 

10.9. April 2011

We revisited the 'cloud' and looked at various websites where you can store and share information, and also where you can run applications (like Google Docs). A key limiting factor for storing and sharing large files may be upload speed. 

pdfCIG Minutes - April 2011 48.68 Kb 

10.10. March 2011

We heard disturbing reports of malicious hacking into the WAGS website and steps taken to counter the threat.

No minutes issued

10.11. February 2011

First meeting after the New Year; planned a few topics for the rest of the year and looked at a few new items on some of our regular websites. 

No minutes issued



11. 2010 Meetings

11.1. December 2010

A shorter than normal meeting, as we had a lunch to go to, but we talked about a few new sources and also discussed how to synchronise your family tree on with the version on your computer. Turns out to be harder than you think!

No minutes issued

11.2. November 2010

New items on ancestry and findmypast were discussed as well as lots of other interesting items.

No minutes issued

11.3. October 2010

We had a general discussion as usual and also looked at a few of the Online Newspaper sites. Unfortunately our LAN/Internet connection was playing up so couldn't do justice to the sites we planned to visit.

pdfCIG Minutes - Oct 2010

11.4. September 2010

As well as a few good websites we spent time discussing how we enter data in our genealogy programs and covered such things as standardised locations, the vagaries of sourcing information and the dangers of just grabbing other folks' family trees off the internet.

pdfCIG Minutes Sept 2010

11.5. August 2010

We talked about broadband in the future, looked at a few websites, and spent time comparing ancestry's new Australian BDM indexes with the ones available from the various State Registries.

pdfCIG Minutes - August 2010

11.6. July 2010

We had a look at alternative Browsers, tips for your PC's health (give it a spring clean), and viewed various sites for Convicts, including UK, Ireland, NSW & Tasmania.

pdfCig Minutes - July 2010

June 2010

Following some publicity in the West about hoax websites we explored a few 'suss' genealogy sites and gave a few tips about how to work out whether they're genuine or not. Moral - stick to the well-known pay sites.

pdfCig minutes - June 2010 67.72 Kb 

11.7. May 2010

Usual agenda items and a discussion about how to manage your genealogy files on your computer. We learned all about metadata!

pdfCIG minutes - May 2010 62.74 Kb 

11.8. April 2010

We spent some time debating what topics we'd like to feature over the next twelve months and then looked at various ways to keep up with the new genealogical information that's regularly appearing on the internet. The minutes have lots of links to blogs, podcasts, etc.

pdfCIG minutes - April 2010 75.53 Kb 

11.9. March 2010

 As well as looking at a few good websites we had great fun trying out different tricks and techniques for searching with Google

pdfCIG minutes - Mar 10 59.09 Kb 

11.10. February 2010

We had a good look at the website findmypast at this meeting

pdfCIG minutes - Feb 10 69.82 Kb  



12. 2009 Meetings

12.1. December 2009

Shortened meeting today prior to adjourning for a shared lunch. We had a look at some of the capabilities in MSExcel.

pdfCIG minutes - Dec 09 12.27 Kb 

12.2. November 2009

Mike went through the process of making a family history movie and saving it onto DVD.

pdfCIG minutes - Nov 09 62.46 Kb 

12.3. October 2009

As well as the normal program, we spent some time looking at sites where you can find English parish records. Mike has prepared a summary by county, which should be considered 'work in progress' as more and more parish records are being digitised and transcribed. 

pdfUK Parish Records Online - Oct 09 106.56 Kb

12.4. September 2009

We celebrated the award for the new website and Chris gave us a rundown of current plans for the site and also the computers and intranet in Unit 6. We also spent some time looking at

pdfCIG minutes - Sep 09 56.53 Kb

12.5. August 2009

Chris gave us some useful tips for checking our systems against nasties and viruses. You can download a copy of his presentation here. He also gave us a look at phpGedView, which is a fully functional program for looking at GEDCOM files and basically acts like a full-scale genealogy program.  

pdfVirus prevention tips 17.76 Kb     pdfCIG Minutes - Aug 09 71.83 Kb

12.6. July 2009

This CIG is now 25 years old, and the first convenor (Graham Bown) gave us a brief reminder of the days of TRS80's and Commodore 64s. And, after the normal discussions of scams and viruses and great websites, Alastair Honeybun took us to the 'cloud', which some say is the future of genealogical computing.

pdfCIG Minutes - July 09 53.72 Kb 

12.7. June 2009

As well as the usual discussion and a few new websites and updates, we had a good look at At the moment it's going through a series of major changes to the look and feel of the site, and some of the ways the searches are carried out have changed. Some of these changes will not apply to the Library Edition versions in WAGS and the various libraries around the State.

pdfCIG Minutes - June 09 58.99 Kb

12.8. May 2009

Lots of discussion and some good websites to look at. Mike finished off the demo of familysearch by looking at the pilot site, which shows us the future of this vast repository.

pdfCIG Minutes - May 09 77.16 Kb

12.9. April 2009

Mike demonstrated some search strategies using the IGI and the family history library catalogue on the LDS website He will finish off the demo next month with a look at the 'pilot site' 

pdfCIG Minutes - Apr 09 66.56 Kb  

12.10.  March 2009

We looked at a few more good websites, and Chris gave us a look 'behind the scenes' at the details of the new web-site. He showed us plenty of stats, such as where the traffic was coming from, how many first-time users compared with frequent visitors there are, and much more. It is fascinating just how much of a trail we leave behind whenever we visit a website.

pdfCIG Minutes - Mar 09 60.86 Kb  

12.11. February 2009

Some great new websites to look at; and the great Genealogy Software 'Cook-Off'; volunteers gave a brief demonstration (using the same GEDCOM file) of Family Tree Maker 2009, Legacy 7, PAF 5.2, TMG 7, Reunion for Macintosh. Download the minutes for details.

pdfCIG Minutes - Feb 09 79.10 Kb  



13. 2008 Meetings

13.1. December 2008

 General discussion, next year's program and end-of-year lunch

pdfCIG Minutes - Dec 08 82.09 Kb  

13.2. July 2008

A few good websites and demo of three free image manipulation tools by Chris Loudon. They were:

Gimp - v3.35 (v3.10) demonstrated -

Irfanview -

13.3. June 2008

General discussion, a few websites and search tips and we revived the list of users of various genealogy programs, so that newbies can find someone to help them if needed.

13.4. May 2008

Lots of discussion about computer issues and a few interesting websites

13.5. April 2008

General discussion, website demos, and a Demo of the new Legacy Charting package by Ian Dew.

13.6. March 2008

Demo of the new things that LDS is doing in indexing and making their vast library of microfilmed available to us.

13.7. February 2008

DNA for the family historian. Presentation by Mike Murray



14. 2007 Meetings

During 2007 we looked at many websites on the big screen and covered lots of topics. Some of the highlights included:


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