Genealogy Programs on the Net


Please Note: FHWA does not recommend any particular Genealogical program. Whatever you choose, make sure that the program supports the import and export of GEDCOM files.

Many of the programs listed here are used by FHWA members; have a look at the various features and select one that suits you best. Most can be purchased on line and many have trial or demo versions freely downloadable. Most of these programs have User Groups on the Internet to help solve problems and get the best out of the program. Note that FHWA has special interest groups for Legacy Family Tree, Family Tree Maker and TMG.

A survey of the Technology Special Interest Group in 2021 showed that members use the following programs:

1. Desktop or Laptop

2. Tablet or Phone

3. Online Website

4. Availablility

The latest version of these programs is available from:-

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 April 2021 01:22