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Swan River Pioneers 1829-1838

SRP Events

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Sunday, 14th August 2016 at 2:00pm  - Cost $25

Bayswater Seniors Centre,

27 King William Street, Bayswater

Let our Parlour Maids wait on you for a delicious

afternoon tea.  Gorgeous vintage china, glass champagne.

Contact Lyn to book your place.

Lyn:  9296 9520  

or email: swan-river-pioneers@wags.org.au

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SRP Meetings

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About the SRP Group

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srplogoThe Swan River Pioneers Group 1829-1838 was formed early in 1993, as a Special Interest Group of the Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc.

The era 1829-1838 was chosen, as this was the period of Sir James Stirling's administration.

His administration as Governor ended on 31st December 1838. On January 5th 1839 he departed the Colony with Lady Ellen Stirling.

The Group produces Certificates of Descendancy for members and non-members who are directly descended from the early pioneer families who arrived in the Swan Colony during the above period.

The Committee has produced and passed some 6000 Certificates to  descendants and applications are still coming in.

12srp << WAGS SRP Forum


Convenor:                Lyn Coy (Convenor & Editor)


Email:                        swan-river-pioneers@wags.org.au

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Certificate of Descendancy - SRP

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The Swan River Pioneers Group will issue Certificates of Descendancy upon the provision of proof that an applicant is a direct descendant of a Swan River Pioneer of the period 1829 to 1838.

Full details of the requirements and an Application Form are available in a PDF document downloadable from here:

pdfProof of Descendancy Form 56.03 Kb

Summary of requirements: 

  • Evidence of descent from the pioneer should be in the form of a certificate from an official registry of births, marriages and deaths.
  • However, wills manuscripts or other material relating to settlement in the Colony can be submitted if certificates are not available.
  • Evidence of settlement in the Swan River Colony may be in the form of authenticated information from the Registrar General or family papers. In the case of secondary sources such as published records, specific references must be provided.
  • In the event of any such proofs not being available, circumstantial evidence should be put before the Examiner of Proofs for consideration. Acceptance of any such evidence will be at the discretion of the Examiner of Proofs.
  • Documents submitted should be forwarded with the application and will be filed for our records.  Photocopies are acceptable provided they are legible, full-sized and complete.

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Certificate Prices - SRP

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Prices of certificates are as follows;

The Certificate Package:

Includes:     Certificate/s; one Badge; and 1 year subscription (four Issues) to our Newsletter the Settlers Gazette:

Cost:            A$20.00 or
                    A$15.00 where the current year's A$5.00 subscription to the newsletter has already been paid.

Second and Subsequent Certificates:

Where the same recipient has two or more Ancestors from the period:

Cost:            A$6.00 (for each additional ancestor/certificate)

Two or more Applicants in One Household:

Where there are two or more applicants in the same household e.g. Spouse, Children and Grandchildren, and only one newsletter is required, i.e. certificate and badge but no newsletter, the second applicant's first certificate will be:

Cost:            A$15.00 (includes Badge)

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Group Membership - SRP

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Membership of the Swan River Pioneers Special Interest Group is restricted to Members of the Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc. whose ancestors settled in the Colony between 1st June 1829 and 31st December 1838.

Associate Membership will be granted to Members of the Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc. who have an interest in the pioneers.

Certified Membership shall be determined by the Convenor of the Swan River Pioneers Group and upon recommendation of the Examiner of Proofs appointed by the Committee.

Certificates of Descendancy shall be available for Non-Members of the Group providing they give evidence of descent in accordance with the rules of the Group and at the discretion of the Examiner of Proofs.

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Settlers Gazette Newsletter - SRP

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The Swan River Pioneers' newsletter, the Settlers Gazette, is produced quarterly and is sent to members of the Society's Interest Group.

Our Editor is always looking for interesting articles on our early pioneers and we cover 'what's happening' in the group - we list our new members and their interests and stories of our early pioneers. 

If you would like to subscribe to our Newsletter Settlers Gazette the cost is $25 per annum.

Please email the Convenor at:  swan-river-pioneers@wags.org.au

For details of Early Settler Ships and Swan River Pioneer Arrivals, transcribed by the Swan River Pioneers Group and previously published in the Settlers Gazette, have a look at our WA 1829 Passenger Ship Arrivals webpages.

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Research Notes - SRP

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The Western Australian Genealogical Society has a large collection of Western Australian history books, which are helpful to the family history researcher.

The Swan River Pioneers is consistently adding to this collection of Western Australian historical and pioneer family histories.

Recently the Group donated a collection of WA microfilms to the Library.

Early shipping lists for the particular period are to be found in the Swan River Pioneer files in the Special Interest Group section in the Australasian Section in the WAGS Library, Unit 6, 48 May St., Bayswater. Not all lists are yet researched but are being updated on a regular basis.

The group has a large database of pioneer families, which can also be accessed, in the WAGS Library.

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Swan River Colony research

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The Swan River Pioneers Group has produced a series of research CD's which are an invaluable tool in your pioneer research.

To purchase a copy of the CD's contact the Convenor/s via eMail:

First Familes of the Swan River Colony

This database which took over 2 years to compile gives a brief  biographical description of persons arriving into the Swan River Colony or who were born in the Colony up to 31st December 1838 (includes all of Western Australia)  

Cost is $85 plus $5 postage

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Western Australia For Me

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'Western Australia For Me'

The Group has launched a CD 'Western Australia For Me'

sung by St Hilda's Anglican Girls School Choir. The CD featuring the song 'Western Australia For Me' sung by George Fletcher Moore at the First Governor's Ball in 1831 and other relative Australian tunes eg. Advance Australia Fair, Click Go The Shears, Botany Bay and an Australian Medley is available from the Group at a cost of $15 plus $3 postage.

Contact the Convenor: swan-river-pioneers@wags.org.au or Tel: 9296 9520 to purchase the CD.

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