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About the Irish Group

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Welcome to the Irish Special Interest Group, the first WAGS' Special Interest Group to be formed, probably because at the time, most members seemed to have at least some Irish connection. The first meeting was held on 10th October 1981 under the guidance of Alan Campbell. Sometime later George Cargeeg took over the reins but in 1991 when ill health caught up with him, he handed them over to Mike Logan who remained convenor for almost ten years, Ray Hartnett followed. Mark Donald has also convened the group in recent years. And most recently Betty Vanderlande who resigned recently as she focuses her energies in a more southerly direction. Thanks to all the past convenors who have kept the group going since 1981.

In the early years the group had very few resources and books they did have were often on loan from private members. WAGS has expanded rapidly and Irish research material is becoming more and more readily available. It was exciting when microfiches of the Griffith's Valuation were purchased; now it's available free online, as is the Tithe Applotments. These are two of the main census substitutes. Over the years the Irish SIG has purchased a number of Irish resources for the WAGS library using funds members have raised.  We are always on the look out for any new resources that will help people researching Irish ancestors. Contact us with your suggestions. The WAGS resource centre holds subscriptions to Find My Past (Ireland) and Ancestry both of which have many thousands of Irish records.

For the latest see What's New in Irish Research? in the March 2016 edition of Western Ancestor, the journal of the WA Genealogical Society, available to members to read on-line.

Current Irish SIG projects 

OrgIrish Family History seminar May 2017 UHFanising an exciting seminar on whole of Ireland family history featuring two presenters from the Ulster Historical Foundation

County Research Guides - guides to family history research in each of the 32 traditional counties of Ireland (Northern Ireland and the Republic), plus one more for when the birthplace county is unknown

Producing an online index of relevant biographical and historical articles from 18 years of Perth's Irish Scene magazine. 

Working in partnership with researchers in Ireland to discover what happened to the young women who came to Western Australia on the Palestine in 1853 from the Mountbellew Workhouse in Co. Galway

Post Your Interests

Do post details of your Irish ancestors (names, places and dates, as much as you know) under the Members Interests Directory of the WAGS website. This will increase your chances of being found by a distant cousin - or at least someone researching in the same area. Go to Home > Members Area > Members Interests Directory.

Links   Check out the Links page of the WAGS website. There are over 100 links to websites related to Irish family history.

Our Motto   Irish research: challenging - not impossible!

Irish County Research Guides

A current group project is to develop research guides for each of the 32 Irish counties and one for those whose ancestor came from "Ireland, county unknown". If you'd like to help please contact irish@wags.org.au. Here are the first six guides launched on 15 January 2017. The template or model guide is here too. See section below for more general research guides.

pdfCounty Down Guide - Lynne Roberts 15 Jan 2017

County Dublin Guide - Jenni Ibrahim 15 Jan 2017

County Fermanagh Guide - Maureen Mulligan 15 Jan 2017

County Limerick Guide - Cheryl Hebbs 15 Jan 2017

County Mayo Guide - Peta Hayward 15 Jan 2017

County Tyrone Guide - Maureen Mulligan 15 Jan 2017


County Unknown SIG workshop Jan 2016

County Research Guides template 15 Jan 2017



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Contacts & Meetings

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6ire  WAGS Irish SIG Forum

Frequently Asked Questions about Forums

Join the Irish SIG Forum and post a query or share your latest find. This can be seen by anyone in the world, so giving names, dates and places of your Irish ancestors might help you link up with others researching the same name or place. To join the Irish SIG Forum, log into the WAGS website and follow the links under the Forums tab above. See how to do it step by step using these screenshots:

How to join WAGS forums 1           How to join WAGS forums 2           How to join WAGS forums 3


Convenor:         Jenni Ibrahim    

Email:                SIGS Contacts - Convenor - Irish SIG

Newsletter:        Elissa Livingstone & Robyn Graham

Email:                Irish Group Newsletter


Meetings are held every three months at the WAGS Meeting Room at 48 May Street, in January, April, July and October. The discussions cover a range of topics related to Irish family history resear

ch. Meetings also feature speakers and workshops. Our July meeting is usually devoted to personal research in the WAGS Library and Resource Centre or research for a group project.

Since 2015 we circulate the minutes shortly after each meeting, and the newsletter shortly before the next meeting. From late 2016 we stopped producing formal meeting minutes, but do issue notes from each meeting recording decisions and agreements only. They are circulated in the same way, provided you have given us a clear record of your email (or postal) address.

Next Meeting - have a look at WAGS events calendar by clicking on the Events tab above. WAGS Event Calendar 

Irish Records & the Four Courts Explosion

No, all the genealogical records held by the Public Record Office were not destroyed in the 1922 fire at the Four Courts during the Battle of Dublin. Much was already destroyed before then. Read what's been lost and what was not.

Join us each year when we commemorate the record loss with the Four Courts Memorial Lunch.  Here's the invitation for the 2017 Four Courts memorial lunch.

Four Courts lunch 2017 p1Four Courts lunch 2017 p2





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Irish SIG Publications

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Speaker Notes

Jenni Ibrahim on Introduction to Major Irish Census Substitutes: Griffiths Valuation and Tithes Applotment 23 April 2017

Maureen Mulligan on Finding My Ancestors in Griffiths Valuation 23 April 2017

Cheryl Hebbs on Finding My Ancestors in Tithes Applotment 23 April 2017 (file to be uploaded soon)

Jenni Ibrahim on County Research Guides Project 15 Jan 2017 updated with names of volunteers developing guides for next 10 counties

Sabrina Armstrong Using Facebook for Irish Genealogy 16 Oct 2016

Whats New in Irish Family History Research 1 Oct 2016 presentation by Jenni Ibrahim to Rockingham Family History Society 1 October 2016

Mike Kiely speaker on 19 April 2015 DNA Science or Marketing Ploy

Mike O'Brien speaker on 19 April 2015 Cork Evictions

Lynne Roberts speaker on 19 April 2015 Searching for those Elusive McConvilles

Graham Mahony speaker on 18 Jan 2015 Hiring a professional genealogist handout G Mahony 18 Jan 2015 - Check List

Hiring a professional genealogist slides G Mahony 18 Jan 2015 - Slide Presentation

Research Guides

Guides developed by members to help beginners in Irish family history research. A current group project is to develop research guides for each of the 32 Irish counties and one for those whose ancestor came from "Ireland, county unknown". If you'd like to help please contact irish@wags.org.au. See above for first six guides launched on 15 January 2017. The template or model guide is there too.

Finding the Irish Catholic parish  Irish SIG Tip Sheet updated July 2015      
How to find the birthplace of your Irish ancestor - notes from workshop Jan 2016 Irish Genealogy Facebook Groups
Irish Research Guide - Elissa Livingstone Aug 2015 Short Guide to Public Record Office of Ireland M Griffiths 1964
Republic of Ireland Research - Elissa Livingstone  


In 1992 the Irish Group decided that the people in the country and city people unable to come to the Library regularly, may appreciate more information in the form of a Newsletter. The first quarterly Newsletter was published in February 1993.  Newsletters are now sent all over Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland and America. Just $10 a year will entitle you to receieve the current issue in your Inbox or letter box. This fee is currently suspended.

Make sure you provide your contact details clearly so you can receive a copy!

We really welcome your contributions. Your success story, brickwall, photo or information may help others. To submit an item - long or short - please contact Newsletter Editors Robyn and Elissa at irishnews@wags.org.au

Previous editions of the WAGS Irish SIG Newsletter are available to download below  (in PDF Format) Get free Acrobat Reader to read PDF files here.


Irish SIG Newsletter Jan 2017


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