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Enrolled Pensioner Guards

About the EPG Group

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EPG Barracks

This group was established in February 2000,  as a Special Interest Group of WAGS,  to recognise and research the men who formed this military unit, and their families.

The Enrolled Pensioner Force consisted of soldiers, who came to the colony of Western Australia between 1850 and 1880, most arriving during the years of Transportation as Guards on the convict ships. They were soldiers who had been discharged from Military Service, and who on discharge from the army, were awarded pensions.

There is much to be learned and written about the role of these men and their families in the early days of Western Australia. Where might Western Australia have been without their contribution?

Frank H. Broomhall wrote a history of the Enrolled Pensioner Force in Western Australia, 1850 - 1880. The book The Veterans is to this date the most informed resource for researching members of this military unit. This book is available through most libraries, and has an index of most of the Pensioner Guards, and we recommend it as a vital resource for researchers. The book is published by Hesperian Press (WA), and is readily available.

This book may be PURCHASED from the Enrolled Pensioner Guard SIG.

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Have you found your man and his relatives?

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Contacts & next meeting EPG

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4epg << WAGS EPG Forum

 EPG Contacts 

 Convenor:               Ian Barnes   #9003

 EMAIL:                    SIGS Contacts - Convenor - EPG SIG




WAGS Event Calendar

  EPG Meetings

Quarterly meetings are held at WAGS in Unit 4 / 48 May Street, Bayswater in February, April, July and October. Contact the Convenor for details.

 Next Meeting Our next General Meeting is to be held at 10AM on:

 Saturday   20th January 2018  

 TOPIC: 150th Anniversary of the end of transportation - talk on the Hougoumont men.


  The following 2018 meetings are : -

     20th January 2018

     21st April 2018

     14th July 2018

     20th October 2018


 For further meetings have a look at:



WAGS Event Calendar

Enrolled Pensioner Guards SIG Events List

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EPG Committee

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2017 - 2018  EPG  Committee 

At the AGM, the following officers were elected...

 Convenor                     Ian Barnes   9003                                   
 Deputy Convenor

 Glenys Fuller   12772

 Newsletter Editor  Gillian O'Mara   893
 Treasurer  Marilyn McCutcheon   11759
 Minutes Secretary  John Knowles   10056
 Admiral*  Margaret Hickey   686
 Committee  Beth Smith   6132
   Carol Perriam   8979
   Jeanette Lee   7688
   Richard O'Callaghan   13340
   Teresa Handcock   12650













* Admiral of our Ships Project

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Membership of the EPG Group

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Join the Group

Application forms for WAGS members are available to download as pdf files. A pdf reader is required  Adobe Acrobat Reader  (free)
Please PRINT Clearly when filling out forms.


Application forms to print and post :-

pdfEPG Membership Subscription or Renewal   (176 KB)

 pdfEPG Application to Register Interest and Lineage  (260KB)EPG badge

EPG Special Badge

A badge is available on application for descendants of the Pensioner Guards for $10 plus $2 postage.   Download the Register/Lineage form, complete and submit to the above address, with payment of $10.00 plus $2.00 postage.   As this badge is only available to DESCENDANTS of the Pensioner Guards, your proof of Lineage will be checked by our committee.


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