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About the Eastern Australian Group

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 The Eastern Australian Special Interest Group helps members and visitors research their interests in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Meetings are held regularly.

Members are encouraged to share their successes and problems.  Group members, at each meeting, are alerted to the latest information on books, magazines, CD's, DVD's and websites etc.

Visitors and new members are always welcome.

The group holds over 3000 Victorian BMD certificates.

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Contacts & Next Meeting - Eastern Australian Group.

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14vic1a << WAGS Central & Eastern Australia + NZ Forum

Eastern Australian SIG Contacts: 

Convenor:       Ernie Fowler

Email:            SIGS Contacts - Convenor - Eastern Australian SIG


Meetings are usually held quarterly in February, May, August and November, with an extra day for a workshop in April. All meetings will be held at unit 4 / 48 May Street, Bayswater, on designated Saturdays.  Bring along your questions and research successes. Members are always on hand to help newcomers.

Calendar of Meetings - Have a look at:


WAGS Event Calendar 



All meetings will be held in Unit 4 and commence at 10.00am.

Anyone interested in researching ancestors from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania are invited to join us and share sources. Find how and why, ancestors moved around between the different states of Australia. 

The meeting dates for this Special Interest Group for the year 2018 are as follows:-                                                       


                                          Saturday 17th November 2018       10.00am to 12.30pm

                                                      Unit 4,  48 May St,   Bayswater. 

                                    A presentation called "Migration and Gold"  How gold brought our forebears to populate Australia will

                                                                            be given by David Moody.

                                                                                  Migration and Gold   

                                                      How gold bought bought our forebears to populate Australia.   

                                  Have you considered why it was that your forebears abandoned their lives in their country of birth

                                  and migrated to Australia?  Whilst it is true that some "Came in Chains' these were few in the bigger

                                  picture.  Most who arrived on these shores were "Free Settlers". But why?  I examine this question

                                  in the context of my own forebears.  Why would these people abandon a comparatively easy life in

                                  Britain for the rigors of an "untamed land".My thesis is:  It was the lure of gold that was the inducement

                                  for migration for over a century in the pormative years of this country.     










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Helpful Hints - Eastern Australian

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WAGS Central & Eastern Australia + NZ Forum

If you would like to get an answer to a burning question on any topic of interest on Queensland, New South Wales, Victorian or Tasmanian Research, post your question on the WAGS Central & Eastern Australia + NZ Forum.  One of our members will answer as soon as possible.

WAGS Members are already registered and just need to log in to post a message. Members of the public are also welcome, but need to register before being able to post, read the Forum FAQ's  to find out how.

WAGS Library Catalogue - Available on all computers at WAGS Library, and now online for members.

The library exchanges journals and magazines with lots of Eastern Australian genealogical groups and related societies.

Projects  - Endeavouring to help all in their Eastern Australian research. Furthering the interests in Eastern Australian genealogy.

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Resources for Eastern Australian Research

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New Resources

To help in gaining some knowledge of what is available at WAGS, we have compiled a table of items covering Victorian Cemeteries, please click the link below to view the pdf file:

pdfVictorian Cemeteries - Records available in the WAGS Library365.36 KB

There has been compiled the following list of resources which will be of use for Australian military research 

pdfMilitary Records - Feb 2015267.94 KB

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