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About the DNA SIG

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logo smlOur DNA group aims to help you understand the uses and benefits of DNA testing as it applies to your own family research and to support your research by sharing information and expertise about how to interpret your test results.

At our quarterly meetings we have a guest speaker who shares their own DNA success stories, focussing on how DNA has been useful in solving a particular family tree puzzle or helping to break down a brick wall. There will also be a technical presentation that explores some aspect of DNA testing and how to read and apply DNA results to your genealogy project, as well as exploring the many new tools for analysing DNA. The meetings provide a friendly and informal forum for asking questions about DNA and helping members to understand their own results and how to apply them to their own family tree research.

Through our group we also aim to become active members of the wider Australian and international genetic genealogy community for networking and exchanging ideas.

Anyone is welcome to come along to our meeting and join our mailing list; however, if you are a WAGS member, you can also access the "Members Only" section which will provide valuable resources such as how-to guides and videos of presentations. Further details are available by contacting the convenor at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Meetings & contacts DNA

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logo smlDNA SIG Forum - All and any DNA questions are welcome in the Forum, which is open to everyone to read, but you need to be a WAGS member to comment and contribute.

We meet every three months, the first Saturday afternoon of March, June, September and December, at WAGS Unit 4/48 May Street, Bayswater.  

A $2 donation at the meeting helps to build up funds to purchase additional resources for the library. We hope to see you at one of our meetings soon.

Convenor:      Cate Pearce
Email:            SIGS Contacts - Convenors - DNA Interest Group


2nd September 2pm

Topic: Maternal heritage: Mitochondrial DNA

Our technical presentation will be about how to apply Mitochondrial DNA testing to help in your family history research. Mitochondrial DNA traces the ancient ancestry of just your maternal heritage and is useful for tracing the paths of human migration, but can also be helpful in solving genealogy problems on just the mother's side of the family.

Guest Speaker: Lee-Ann Atkinson
A Mother of All Problems

Lee-Ann will share her story about how she has worked on finding her mother's family. 

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DNA Resources

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Resources for learning about DNA for genealogy


There are further resources in the Members Only Section, which provides detailed how-to instructions for getting started with your DNA results

The WAGS DNA SIG Forum is a forum for posting questions and getting updates. Guests can read all posts, but only Members can post.

The WAGS DNA Facebook page has updates and items of interest for WAGS members and public visitors.

Genetic Genealogy Australia is a news blog for up-to-date information related to DNA and family history in Australia.

There is an excellent Facebook group, which you have to apply to join, called Using DNA in Genealogy and Family History Research: Australia & NZ. This group is very friendly and has many interested and knowledgable members who will help you with your enquiries.
Link: DNA Australia & NZ


This video presentation by Debbie Kennett, a well-known English genetic genealogist, introduces you to the three main types of DNA tests. It is a great introduction to how DNA testing can be used in your family tree research.

DNA for Beginners: The Three Tests



For a clearly written and simple overview of the main topics in DNA, we highly recommend Australian genetic genealogist Louise Coakley  -  http://genie1.com.au/


There is a wealth of information available at the website of ISOGG, and membership is free.

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