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About the Computer Group

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You don’t need to be a computer ‘nerd’ or expert to get some benefit from the Computer Interest Group (CIG). 
We welcome new WAGS members who want to get the most out of their computers to help them with their genealogy research.

Our monthly meetings are designed to cover items of interest to the group and we generally follow an agenda like this:

  • Items of general interest from the Computer World
  • Keeping your computer safe and healthy from viruses, malware, scams and spam
  • Genealogy programs – who’s using which one, problems, queries
  • Update on Genealogy sources, mostly websites
  • Open forum – queries, comments, successes, problems
  • WAGS/CIG business
Usually followed by a session using the big screen; either a demo of a pay-site or a website that may not be well-known, or a workshop/presentation/demo of some technique or genealogy software.
Download a copy of the CIG brochurepdf

For information on Email Scams, Phishing, Netiquette, Newsgroups, Mailing Lists, and Free Software Downloads, have a look at our:    Hints and Tips Online    

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Contacts & next meeting CIG

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2cig << WAGS CIG Forum

Contacts: Co-Convenors

Ian Dew and Julie Martin:         

Email:                       SIGS Contacts - Convenors - Computer SIG  

Committee (CIGCOM): Ian Dew, Julie Martin, Geoffrey Brade, Robert Holloway

Next Meeting/s - Have a look at: 



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Saturday 10 February 2018 -  11:00 to 13:00                      






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Recent Meetings CIG

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2cigWAGS Computer Interest Group ForumJoin us on TwitterJoin us on Facebook

If you would like an answer to a burning question on any topic of interest discussed at any of the Computer Interest Group Meetings, perhaps on an aspect of Computers and Genealogy, a Genealogy software program, or a particular website that we have visited, post your question on the WAGS CIG Forum. One of our members will answer as soon as possible. 

WAGS Members are already registered and just need to log in to post a message. Members of the public are also welcome, but need to register before being able to post, read the Forum FAQ's to find out how.

Recent Meetings - demos and workshops 

2017 Meetings  

December 2017 

A big thank you to Jenni, Robert, Edwina and Ray for spreading Christmas goodwill at yesterday's Computer Group Meeting. Jenni Ibrahim kicked off the last meeting for 2017 with her 'gift' to the group - points to consider when writing a genealogical and digital will - a sobering topic but one we all need to consider and address. An e-publication Take control of your digital legacy by Bobbi King will soon be available in the WAGS Library.   

Robert Holloway gave two excellent short presentations on ICloud and Bitcoin. The meteoric rise in the value of the Bitcoin and its mysterious origins prompted some lively informal discussion. Edwina Shooter, the WAGS Librarian brought in some items of interest from the WAGS Library, most of which went out on loan immediately and Ray Smith finished up with two entertaining presentations - one concerning the repetition of events in his paternal family line and the other about creating his own story for his family which prompted much laughter from the audience and a sea of nodding heads.

Thank you to everyone who participated in WAGS Computer Group meetings during 2017 and we wish you a happy and safe Christmas and a new year free of software and hardware failures.

[Presentations can be viewed in the Computer Group Members Only Area.  Login into the WAGS website to access this MOA area]

pdfCSIG December 2017 meeting notes

November 2017 

Following a presentation commemorating the 99th Anniversary of the signing of the Armistice in 1918, Shane Clementson, a software developer from Vicinity View demonstrated ClanView, a program under construction which will enable genealogists to visually share family history information.

 pdfCSIG November 2017 meeting notes

October 2017  

Robert Holloway introduced members to WiFI Mesh and Ian Dew reported on the latest Spams and Scams, what he'd found recently on the Web and concluded his demonstration on ways to record what's being displayed on a computer screen.  

[Presentations can be viewed in the Computer Group Members Only Area.  Login into the WAGS website to access this MOA area]

pdfCSIG October 2017 meeting notes

September 2017   

Sam Wilson and Tom Hogarth from the Western Australian Branch of Wikimedia Australia (WikiClubWest) gave us an insight into the Wikimedia Foundation and some of its projects, including Wikipedia. Chris Loudon demonstrated the WAGS Wiki which had been developed for the use of members.

pdfCSIG September 2017 meeting notes 

August 2017  

The first segment of our August meeting featured a demonstration of Transcript and was followed by a presentation and discussion about Password Managers.

pdfCSIG August 2017 meeting notes 

July 2017 

After a short discussion about Bitcoins, Mac Users and Society updates from the WAGS President, CSIG Committee member, Geoff Brade spoke in detail about

  • CC Cleaner
  • Using two monitors

pdfCSIG July 2017 meeting notes


June 2017

The hacking of password managers and free Vs paid antivirus software were some of the items found on the Web this month.  Allen Jamieson demonstrated the WAGS EDR and gave an insight into accessing the 1000+ resources it contains.  Ian Dew demonstrated the numerous ways to 'copy and paste' when using Windows software. 

[Presentations can be viewed in the Computer Group Members Only Area.  Login into the WAGS website to access this MOA area]

pdfCSIG June 2017 meeting notes 

May 2017

Bytes & Bobs, Scams & Spams were discussed as was the amalgamation of the forums of the TMG, Legacy and Computer SIGs.  Presentations about WA Land Records and Twile and Zoom Past were given.

[Presentations can be viewed in the Computer Group Members Only Area.  Login into the WAGS website to access this MOA area]

pdfCSIG May 2017 meeting notes  

April 2017

Bytes & Bobs, Scams & Spams were discussed as was the migration of obsolete formats. The debate about naming digital pictures as well as best practice for housing photographic prints continued.

[Presentations can be viewed in the Computer Group Members Only Area.  Login into the WAGS website to access this MOA area]

pdfCSIG April 2017 meeting notes    

March 2017

The meeting opened with the Group's AGM and the election of the Convenors and Committee for 2017/18.  Websites of interest and spams and scams were revealed. Ian and Julie gave presentations about naming and organising family photographs and Gwyn introduced us to Webinars.

[Presentations can be viewed in the Computer Group Members Only Area.  Login into the WAGS website to access the Computer SIG area]  

pdfCSIG March 2017 meeting notes

February 2017

Topics included:  GEDSITE, a genealogy web site builder for GEDCOM files, ideas for family gatherings and what NOT to upload to genealogy websites.

pdfCSIG February 2017 meeting notes 

2016 Meetings

December 2016

The final Computer Group meeting for 2016 was an opportunity for members to air their opinions and offer suggestions about the Group’s direction in 2017.   The outcome of those discussions can be found in the meeting notes below.

pdfCSIG December 2016 meeting notes

October 2016 

Computer-CrashTopics included; Warning for iPhone 7 users, Perth Genealogy FB page, FamilySearch Probate Records for New Zealand, Internet of Things under attack, Failed Backups & Disaster Recovery, Web tools for citations format, Win10 Taskbar settings, some websites to visit (all in the notes).

pdfCSIG October 2016 meeting notes

September 2016

Various items discussed including; Ellis Island, Working with Windows, Queensland State Archives, Parish Registers, Goons on Family Search - and more -> pdfCSIG September 2016 notes


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Genealogy Programs on the Net

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Please Note: WAGS does not recommend any particular Genealogical program. Whatever you choose, make sure that the program supports the import and export of GEDCOM files.

Many of the programs listed here are used by WAGS members; have a look at the various features and select one that suits you best. Most can be purchased on line and many have trial or demo versions freely downloadable. Most of these programs have User Groups on the Internet to help solve problems and get the best out of the program.

A recent survey (well, a few years ago now...) of the Computer Interest Group members showed that most members use one of the following popular programs (listed alphabetically, not in order of preference)

  • Family Tree Maker -- Was to be discontinued from 2016 & as at end 2017 all support was to cease - @ March 2016 Ancestry sold the software to developers who will continue to develop & support the program.
  • Legacy
  • Personal Ancestral File (PAF) No longer available (July 2013) - defunct
  • Reunion for Macintosh
  • The Master Genealogist -- Under a cloud from late 2014 as the author is retiring and no longer supporting it - @ end 2015 the TMG community is providing support to users.

UPDATE: February 2015.

We have run another poll to see what the current trend is.
Go here to see the results: WAGS Poll results - or here for the: Genealogy Software Use - 2015 Update - and here for the 2016 update

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