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Video Meetings

The team at FHWA is going to launch a series of on-line video Training/Q&A/Discussion meetings using Google Meet for FHWA Members.headphones

We can have up to 100 people in a session, though that does mean that most people will have to have their microphones muted and ask questions via the Chat box.

To get prepared you will need to have a speaker plugged into your PC. That could be in the form of a headset (pictured) which also has an inbuilt microphone. If you don't have a microphone you will only be able to type questions. A webcam is nice to have but not essential. It really only allows others to see the person speaking. Data presented will come from the presenters' screen. Most reasonably modern laptops have webcam, speaker and microphone built in.


Click here for notes on how to participate in a web meeting and we will also open the sessions up early for people to test their equipment and get comfortable with the process before meetings.


Google Chrome is the best browser to use if you have it. Firefox is fine. When I tested Edge it directed me to login to my google account but I was eventually able to join.

We have no idea how well it will work or whether the internet is going to hold up but we going to try it. We will be running test sessions so people can test their equipment and get a feel for being in an online meeting.

The process will be :-  

  1. Check the FHWA Website (EVENTS on the Menu Bar) and book the Online events that you are interested in using Trybooking as usual. There should be some events up by Saturday March 21 and then more progressively.


Happy for people to post their thoughts and ideas for sessions on our Facebook group or you can email your ideas to the FHWA help desk.

Last Updated on Saturday, 18 July 2020 14:27

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