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FHWA GenWiki

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FHWA GenWiki - has been created to provide a Wiki resource for genealogical and family history research in Western Australia.

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Click to view the >>  FHWA GenWiki structure - this infographic is in the form of a Mind Map of the basic structure of the GenWiki.

The structure will change over time as the GenWiki evolves, but is included here to give an idea of the layout. You can click on the items in the Mind Map tree and they will expand or contract to show/hide additional branches.

Members are encouraged to contribute to the GenWiki, and we also welcome others who wish to contribute. The only condition is that contributors have to be registered on the WAGS website. Moderators will be sought from the pool of contributors - please contact FHWA GenWiki if you would like to help.

If you wish to contribute please bear in mind that, as is the way with a Wiki, contributions may be, and probably will be, mercilessly edited and amended by fellow contributors.

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