11th Battalion Khufu Photo

11th Battalian Khufu Photo


The Project

The idea for the project came as a result of the donation of a print of the Cheops image which is now framed and hanging in the WAGS Library, coupled with a desire to expand the work of the late Allan Ellam who, in the 1980s, commenced a similar project. The WAGS Webmaster, Chris Loudon divided a digital copy of the photograph into grids and numbered each man, thereby enabling their features to be enlarged and their position in the image to be easily identified. As a result, it is hoped to identify as many of the men in the photo as possible by 10 January 2015, the centenary of the day on which the photograph was taken.

To find out all about the project, go to the 11b Website11th Battalion at Khufu (Cheops) Pyramid 10 Jan 1915



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 Clean image

This image has no grid or photo identification numbers

11th Battalion Cheops - 10 Jan 1915 - WAGS Clean image

Grid image

This image has a grid reference and photo identification numbers for the soldiers

11th Battalion Cheops - 10 Jan 1915 - WAGS Grid image

Cluster image

This image has a grid reference, photo identification numbers for the soldiers and some
colourised references to the Battalion Company that the soldiers were in when they left Australia.

11th Battalion Cheops - 10 Jan 1915 - WAGS Cluster image


If you can identify any of the men, please let us know and send in any supporting images that you may have to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Our aim is to identify the men in the 11th Battalion Cheops photo, to pay tribute to all of the men of the 11th Battalion A.I.F., the Western Australian Battalion, and to provide an avenue for tributes to the men and family history stories to be told.

Brought to you by the Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc. (WAGS) for the 11th Battalion Project.

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