11th Bn Cheops Event Photo Identification Form

Genealogy at its best - Cheops Descendants Identification & Photo Order Form  Kings Park 10 Jan 2015 - 11Bn Cheops photo descendants

Once you have identified yourself of the Event Photos, go here: Together 100 years Apart,  please fill in the details on the following form.

Various photos taken on 10 Jan 2015 around the Flame of Remembrance and War Memorial are now available. 

Details of where to download the high resolution images will be forwarded to you by email.

Click "Read More" to complete the form

If you wish to make a donation please go to the 11Bn & RSL WA donation page  or post a donation to FHWA, 6/48 May Street, Bayswater, Western Australia 6053.

* = compulsory field 


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