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Cheops Pyramid Photo Row A

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Who do you think they are? 015 - David John SIMCOCK - 951 Pte

Identify your 11th Battalion soldier in the Cheops photo under their ID number. Send in the details with a contemporay photo along with their story if you have one written, if not we will write one for you and put it on our website. Send details by email to: WAGS 11th Battalion Project.

We will then make sure they are properly identified in the Cheops photo: 11Btn Cheops website

ID's for the men in Row A of the Cheops photo are left to right from number 001 (1st left below) through to # 030. Those with a poppy are known to have died as a result of their service. Details of these soldiers where known are on the WAGS Cheops website.

001002003004 - Albert Roy RETCHFORD 338 Pte005006007- Ernest Richard FISHER 778 Pte008 - Hugh Richard BIGGIN - 150 Pte009010 - Harry Philli HARN - 127 Pte Driver011012013 - William Brinley MURRAY - 77 Pte014015 - Dvid John SIMCOCK - 951 Pte016 - William Loder FRENCH - 35 Pte017018019020021022 - Frank Keith MARSHALL - 1077 Pte023024025026 - Langford HANNA - 59 Pte027028029030

You provide a contemporary photo as evidence in identifying your soldier along with their story, and we wil provide space for a tribute to your soldier. Send details to Chris or Julie at: WAGS 11Btn Project

Click here for further details on: Cheops photo Row A soldiers  -  Click here for the: Grid and numbered Cheops photo

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