Rhoda - Her Life And Times

Rhoda Bennett (1857-1945)

A family histoy story by WAGS member Ken F Stewart © All rights reserved Rhoda Bennett - image per Ken Stewart

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Ken is a long time member of WAGS, as well as having written some fictional stories he has put his skills to good use in this family history book. Ken has weaved a great tale about his ancestor Rhoda Stewart, her life and times has been brought to life from her birth in Berkshire in 1857, through County Down, Glasgow to Wadderin Western Australia, and from Cottesloe to Poziers.

The story is available here to read in flip-book format. There is a link in the flip-book to download a copy of the book as a pdf file.

Authors note:

Rhoda’s story is mainly factual. However, where I was unable to locate detailed family information, I have placed them in-situ.

The rest of the story is woven from the known facts, embellished with research into the lives, times and incidents of the period.

Even though most readers won’t require them, all dates given in the book are factual. I inserted them because, after all, this is a family history story.


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Rhoda front cover


WAGS extends our thanks to Ken for allowing his book to be available to the public in this form.

Ken's books are available in hard copy via his website -> Ken Stewart's home page


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