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Electronic Document Repository (EDR)

The table below is an up to date, searchable list of the CDs which have been uploaded to the FHWA Electronic Document Repository (EDR), and now available for research on the FHWA Library computers.

To search, use the drop down lists when showing a down arrow under the heading, or type into the blank Title or Description boxes and hit enter. To clear the search, hit the "Reset filters" button at the base of the table.

NB our old software can't handle apostrophes, which show as ?

CD No Country State/County Title Comments EDR Location
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2.00.00 India The East India Register & Directory 1830 East India Register & Directory 1828 - 1830 Detail of Ships Military & Company. EDR Main
3.00.00 India Thacker?s Indian Directory 1895 1895 EDR Main
4.00.00 India India Office List 1933 Officers employed in specific areas such as Bengal Madras Bombay and others unfortunately you are unable to use 'searchable' but it is well bookmarked EDR Main
20.00.00 England Gloucstershire Kelly?s Directory Bristol 1906 1906 EDR Main
21.00.00 England Buckinghamshire Musters of the Buckinghamshire Militia 1781-82 1781-1782 EDR Main
22.00.00 England Buckinghamshire The Visitation of Buckinghamshire - 1634 Alphabetical List of Buckinghamshire Pedigrees in 1634 Name Indexes. Non-searchable EDR Main
27.00.00 England Cambridgeshire Cambridgeshire Slater?s Directory 1850 Searchable by towns & Villages EDR Main
28.00.00 England Cambridgeshire Kelly?s Directory Cambridgeshire 1879 1879 EDR Main
29.00.00 England Cambridgeshire Kelly?s Directory Cambridgeshire 1896 1896 EDR Main
30.00.00 England Cambridgeshire Kelly?s Directory Cambridgeshire 1916 1916 EDR Main

Notes: The uploading of the CDs is a huge task and a big vote of thanks is due to the team of FHWA EDR volunteers for their untiring work - Thanks to: Allen, Bev, Bob, Cynthia, Kevin, Margaret, Marion, Nigel, and Thelma; + behind the scenes assistance from Neil and Chris on some of the technical issues.

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