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1. Members Mailing List

About WAGSnet

WAGSnet is a Free Genealogy Mailing List available to current Members of the Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc., and its Affiliated Societies.  Non-members are ineligible for membership of the WAGSnet mailing list.

Subscription to the Mailing List is free to all members who have email access.  It is a convenient way to communicate with other members on the Mailing List and to share views, news and research clues.

WAGSnet is currently facilitated by Google Groups (since June 2008) as a private archived mailing list for members only. We will be moving WAGSnet to come under the umbrella of the WAGS website in the future; there is research currently being undertaken to determine the best method and software to make the move .

Members can change their own contact details and choose how to view emails, particularly if going away. WAGS Members need to contact the Mailing List Convenors (see below) if they wish to join WAGSnet.

Please read the Subscription Instructions and the Do's & Don'ts for posting to WAGSnet below.

WAGSnet Convenors:  Jennifer Lydon and Marilyn Dimond.

For general enquiries, or for reasons other than Subscribing to WAGSnet, please use the following Email link.

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


1.1. Joining WAGSnet

Subscription instructions for joining WAGSnet for the first time

     * Your name
     * WAGS or Affiliated Society membership number
     * your email address
     * your location

or, use the following Email link which will automatically fill in the subject line for you, and you will just need to insert the details in the body of your email, as outlined above:

Email:       This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

1.2. Unsubscribing

1.3. Changing your email address

1.4. Do's & Don'ts

Rules and Guidelines for Posting to WAGSnet

These may seem a lot to get through, but most of the following rules are basic protocol for corresponding on-line.   Problems and concerns over virus attacks and in box congestion caused by lengthy and off topic emails are just two of the reasons for complying with these rules. Feel free to contact us if there is something that you do not understand.

1.5. Glossary of Terms

Here is a short description of some of the terms you will come across while using a Mailing List.

For additional definitions, have a look at our Hints & Tips Online page, and follow the links.

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