Renewal 2009 - Website

2009 Survey - Website

Comments Received as below

Check website regularly.

Your website is great, I check online all the time. Because I work full time I can't get to your premises often.

Your new website is wonderful.

"Visited" website on several occasions. Keep up great work. Nice to know you are there when and if I can make it over there!!

Thankyou for all your work. I always look forward to the journal and use WAGS computer site and links regularly. Because of work commitments I can't usually get to May St - maybe some time in the future.

Unfortunately I have become too busy. I am still doing on-line research when I get a spare moment.

Doing family research on internet

I am doing (trying to) my research online. NOT enough time to get to use the library.

I am elderly and find it difficult to get to library. All my research is done on the internet.

Would like to see contacts/information on website working properly

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