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Renewal 2009 - Lack of Time

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2009 Survey - Time Constraints

Comments Received as below

Full time work commitments leave me with not a lot of free time unfortunately

Interested but lacking time due to work commitments.

Still working full time so time is limited.

Thank you to everyone concerned. I would love to have more time to devote to genealogy and volunteering - maybe one day

Have been unable to find time for family history since March 2008, but intend to get back to it when possible.

I will use all of the above when I have more time.

Currently with work commitments am unable to participate or use facilities but would consider greater use and possibly volunteering in 2010.

At present life is very full, but one day I hope to make good use of my membership.

Due to working full time and living in Mandurah I have been unable to attend to my research for some time

Still working and still busy as .............

Unfortunately just too busy at the moment.

At the moment time and distance make attendance difficult and frustrating.

Lots of family business of late - will need to get back to research as soon as I can.

Would like to do all these things but just don't have the time or opportunity.

I just wish I had more time to visit - writing up my family histories just takes so much time - researching is the fun part but people want to read about it!

Can't wait till I have time to visit WAGS regularly

In the last 12 months have been away and busy with other projects. Hope to get back to WAGS activities next year.

Shift work prevents utilization of WAGS services on a regular basis.

Been very busy with work commitments. Hope to get back to Family History soon. Thanks to all the willing volunteers.

We would like to make much more use of WAGS facilities, but our trips to Perth are few, and usually taken up with too much business. When we do visit it is always worthwhile and the journal is very interesting.

I haven't been involved lately due to work commitments. I hope to change that.

I haven't been to WAGS for a very long time. I hope to get back to research towards the end of the year.

Am afraid that I do not have time at present to do any research. And won't until I retire in 2 years!

Would like to volunteer if work didn't get in the way.

Work full time and raising a family.

When I retire I would like to volunteer but at the moment I work full time, have a demanding father 90years old and I study.

Looking forward to becoming more involved with WAGS (voluntary capacity), business commitments at this point of time preclude doing so
I would like to volunteer but while working full time I cannot commit to this.

Will be active when I retire!

Intend to use facilities and follow up on family history once I retire in next year or so.

Full time worker looking forward to retirement one day.

Will become more involved when I retire.

Please keep up the excellent work and a big thank you to all volunteers. One day when I retire, I hope to join your ranks as a volunteer.

I work full time so my availability is limited. I have helped in the research section (handing out fiche etc) on Saturday afternoon. Because of the lapse in time since I did that (about 5 years) I don't feel able to help out, without a course to update my knowledge. May be in 2 years when I retire I may be able to do more. Sorry

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