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Renewal 2009 - Volunteering

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2009 Survey Results - Volunteering

Comments Received as below

Thanks to all the volunteers.

Although we don't get to use WAGS as often as we would like, we find volunteers most courteous and helpful, we thank you.

As a new member I very much appreciate the help I have received in my research.

Thank you for all the wonderful services you all provide. I also appreciate the happy way help if given when I require it.

Member volunteers always helpful.

Past management committee member. Time restricted at present as I am my husband's carer. Enjoy the journal greatly and look forward to participating more next year. Congratulations to the outgoing committee on an excellent job.

Great services provided by organisation and volunteers are very helpful.

Will be able to help with your volunteer work after 9th August

I would like to help as a volunteer but have limited abilities e.g. poor typing etc. Could I come down to discuss with you. Please send weekday appointment. I will get started this year and may then be able to help in someway.
I would like to do something once a month but I don't know what.

Can help, if shown what to do from early May

How do I find more spare time in retirement? As a fundraiser of some 30 years experience I could advise some new directions WAGS to adopt.

Volunteering: Yes, I would be very interested in helping out with one or two services you require. Unfortunately I do not drive a car and have difficulty with walking long distances, hence my absence at SIG's. Mainly Scottish and English Military history with my family. Anyway, if someone from the Society can deliver and pick up any work, straight typing, proof reading etc, I can do this, providing it works around my day. I have access to computer and printer and email, but dare I say it still coming to terms with email, prefer correspondence by the written word, so if I can help please don't hesitate to write a letter to me or telephone.

I am hoping to have more time to visit WAGS this year and volunteer after September.

All big plans fell by the wayside but am still optimistic of becoming involved in the future.

Hopefully will be in a position to visit more often and do some volunteer work.

I am sorry I am not able to contribute in any of the voluntary projects. Congratulations on the magnificent work and services.

Wonderful facilities I wish I could get going and use it more.

Intend to research more this year.

Moved house - too busy sorting and renovating - hope to get back to family tree tracking soon!

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