Renewal 2009 - SIGs

2009 Renewal Survey results for SIGs

Question - Have you joined a SIG?

Responses received as below

Already a SIG member - (comment made by several members)

Have been going to SA SIG for a few years

Already member of Convict group, SA SIG and Scottish SIG. I reside in suburban Sydney.

I belong to 3 Special Interest groups and try to attend meetings when possible.

Currently belong to Convict group. Use library soon and am a Swan River Pioneer descendant, so will also be looking into joining the Swan River Pioneer Group.

Joined Swan River Pioneers many years ago.

Attend London group when I can.

I already belong to two SIG's. Swan River Pioneers and Convict group.

Already volunteering heavily in a Special Interest Group.

Read journal - for the Convict group meeting

Joined SIG's - no new ones.

Convenor of SWEG

Haven't joined any new SIGs. Member of 2

Is there any interest in forming an "England South West" special interest group?

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