About the Technology Group

Blogging artYou don’t need to be a computer ‘nerd’ or expert to get some benefit from the Technology Interest Group (CIG). 
We welcome new WAGS members who want to get the most out of their computers to help them with their genealogy research.


Our monthly meetings are designed to cover items of interest to the group and we generally follow an agenda like this:


Usually this is followed by a session using the big screen; either a demo of a pay-site or a website that may not be well-known, or a workshop/presentation/demo of some technique or genealogy software.
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For information on Email Scams, Phishing, Netiquette, Newsgroups, Mailing Lists, and Free Software Downloads, have a look at our:    Hints and Tips Online    


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OK, so what is a QR Code - it is used in a lot of different situations. For WAGS it can be scanned into a smart mobile phone, and you will be directed to the WAGS Website via the embedded URL. If your smartphone does not aready have a QR Code reader app (application), you will need to download one (mostly free). Have a read of this Wikipedia QR Code article.

Problem report

If you're having a problem with your computer or software and you'd like to have it discussed at the next CIG meeting, please use this simple form docWAGS CIG Problem Report  to log the problem. You can copy the form into your email program, fill it in and email it to us (see contacts) or just bring it along to the meeting.

Formed many years ago (in April 1984, when computers were new and mysterious to many of us), the CIG has been meeting on a monthly basis since 1995.  With a mailing list of about 150 WAGS members, and average meeting attendance of around 30, the CIG is a great forum for WAGS members to discuss problems and solutions to do with computers and, more importantly, how to use their computers to get the most out of their genealogy research.

So if you use a computer for genealogy, the Computer Interest Group is worth visiting.  Bring along your queries and your successes - we maybe able to help each other.



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