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Irish Scene Index

Welcome to the index to the Western Australian Irish Scene magazine

Since 1998 Irish Scene has been published about, and for, the Irish community in Western Australia.  This index has been compiled by members of the Irish Special Interest Group to help those researching Irish ancestors locate biographical and social historical articles about Irish migrants to Western Australia or Irish links to Western Australians. Free copies are available at many locations around Perth, especially at Irish businesses.

The Irish Special Interest Group holds hard copies of all issues since it began. Since 2017 issues of Irish Scene have been available online here. To obtain a copy of an article of interest from an earlier issue of Irish Scene, contact the Convenor of the Irish Group at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  A digital copy can be made available to you.

Using the filters and search boxes locate the article you are interested in, record the year of its publication in Irish Scene, the issue number and page. Currently the index is being uploaded in stages as each year's index becomes available.  To get the best out of using the table, go to the Table Search Guide

Year Volume Page Subject Name Decade Place Keywords
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2016 18/2 7 Metropolitan Police Surveillance of Irish Extremists Whelan, Thomas 1910-1920 Dublin Galway Shawl, The Merry Ploughboys
2016 18/2 10 Music Maker - Part One Robinson, Sir William Cleaver 1870-1880 Australia Governor, WA, SA, VIC
2016 18/2 20 Belfast Gardens Northern Ireland Napoleon's Nose, Cave Hill
2016 18/2 22 The Coronas Black, Mary 2000-present Dublin Danny O'Reilly
2016 18/2 30 The Gael Pearse, Padraig (Patrick) 1910-1920 Dublin
2016 18/2 31 Poet and political activist Young, Ella Antrim Maud Gonne, Hermetic Society
2016 18/2 37 Flood, Frederick Charles Karrinyup Trigg
2016 18/2 41 Tully, John Tasmania
2016 18/2 43 The Fool Pearse, Padraig (Patrick) 1910-1920 Dublin Poem, Republican
2016 18/2 63 Wembley Hotel Cranley, Michael 1930-1940 Perth



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