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Perth Technical College Register 1924-1931

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The information from which this index has been created is contained in the Occupation and Admission Returns of the Perth Technical College for the years 1942-1931 and includes:

  • date of admission,
  • residence,
  • date of birth,
  • birth place,
  • school last attended,
  • class on leaving previous school,
  • parents or guardians names with their denomination and occupation,
  • withdrawal date, reason for withdrawal,
  • class on leaving and
  • to what school the student was removed.

The register also includes "occupation returns 1925" providing names, occupation and age on leaving.

Our gratitude to Bill Stewart, who provided a copy of the registers.  This index has been compiled by the FHWA Projects Team.

To order information from the Perth Junior Technical School Admissions 1924-1931, complete  this Order Form and email the form to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Surname Given name Register/Year
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Abberton Leslie Admissions 1926-31
Abbott Mervyn Admissions 1924-25
Abbott Mervyn Occupation returns 1925
Abbott Reg Leslie Admissions 1926-31
Abbott Walter Admissions 1924-25
Abbott Walter Occupation returns 1925
Ackland George Admissions 1926-31
Adams Arthur Admissions 1926-31
Agerbe Anthony Admissions 1926-31
Aikman Archie Admissions 1926-31

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