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Jan James Avon Valley Private Collection

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This collection is a lifetime’s work, which includes transcripts of births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials dating back to circa 1841. Jan was a genealogist, historian, counsellor and a writer of 14 books, who over a period of nearly 40 years assembled an unrivalled collection of records and photographs.

Jan donated her research collection to FHWA, but unfortunately there are no details about the source of any of the information.  Sometimes the “information” column may state “TBC” as we have not yet been able to identify the event (often there is just a name and a date). You are encouraged to provide any additional information to improve this magnificent collection. These will be added to the 'Comments' column.

Our Projects Team is in the process of indexing the documents, 500 handwritten papers, and thousands of index cards, which currently stands at more than 200,000 entries.  Whilst the indexing and scanning will be an ongoing project, we decided to make the index available as each letter of the alphabet is completed, as all test cases have provided members with new information.  Please be aware that some of the information has been taken from funeral records, where the information provided by family members or friends is not always correct.  However, the information provided by family or friends may also provide information not available in Australian records, such as previous marriages.

To order your free information from the Jan James Avon Valley Private Collection - locate a name of interest in the index, complete  this pdfOrder Form and email the form to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The information is free of charge for current FHWA members.  The charge for non-members is $5 per individual name.  All information will be emailed.  

NB: No orders will be taken for those letters of the alphabet yet to be released.  Watch this space for further releases.  

Progress - the following sets of records are now included: Surnames E, I, K, N, O, Q, U, V, Y, Z

Surname Given name Information held Comments
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EATON Alice Birth
EGAN Beverley Birth --
ELLERY Charles Henry Birth --
EATON Ellen Louisa Birth --
ELLIOTT Elsie May Birth --
ELLIS Eva Marjorie Doreen Birth --
EDWARDS Julia Birth --
EDWARDS Julia Mary Birth --
EDWARDS Lilly Eve Birth --
EDWARDS Louis Drake Birth --

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