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WA Cemeteries Map

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Western Australian Cemetery Locations

The Google Earth map below has numerous WA Cemeteries tagged, with a brief description showing their denomination where known, whether a town cemetery, church cemetery, mine burial place or lonely grave, plus latitude and longitude, available via the click-able icons. See further notes below the map.


Google Earth API Sample


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WAGS members Chris Loudon and John Blackburn have spent many hours gathering, analysing and collating data from various sources, with John providing a high degree of expertise and focus on the underlying code for this map.

Work is underway to provide further Lonely Grave locations, and these locations will be added to the map as they becomes available.

If you cannot see the map, you will need to download and install Google Earth on your computer.

To zoom in, either use the scroll wheel on your mouse, double click on the left mouse button, or use the slider on the right hand side of the map

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