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The FHWA Legacy User Group is open to all FHWA members, whether users of the Legacy genealogy software program or not.

Members of the public are also able to attend meetings, but are encouraged to become a member of FHWA after having attended 2 meetings of the Legacy User Group.

The group was officially recognised by WAGS as a Special Interest Group on 23 September 2013, after their inaugural meeting held on 22 September 2013. 

Format for the meetings will be on the basis of a central theme covering aspects of the Legacy program, but will also provide opportunity for exploration of other questions that members wish to pursue.

 Meeting Topics:


October - Families App so you can easily carry all your Legacy data, including media on your phone or tablet.

September - Sourcing - how to use the source clipboard

August - Slightly Hidden Features of Legacy             

July - Q & A on Sourcing

June - Creating a GEDCOM to upload to websites     

May - DNA matches and Legacy

April - Fixing relationship issues

March - Media in Legacy

February - New Year Maintenance - Part Two

January - New Year Clean up - File Maintenance, Potential Problems and Master Lists



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