Western Ancestor Vol 12 No 6 June 2013


2013 Western Ancestor  Vol 12 No 6 Cover


1. Western Ancestor Vol 12 No 6 June 2013

  2013 Western Ancestor Vol 12 No 6 Cover & Credits


2. 211 Bride Ships in All But Name: Miss Monk & the Servant Girls

Researchers: Tricia Fairweather & Leonie Hayes
Bride Ships List 1886 - 1901 included in Part 2

Miss Monk accompanied parties of young emigrant women to Western Australia from 1886 through to 1901
About: Hannah and Beatrice Field; SUSANNAH (SUSAN) MONK; MARY PITMAN MONK
Field sisters photograph in article: Selena (Lena) Petrie (nee Field), Hannah Morris (nee Field) & Mary Ritz (nee Field), ca. 1890.
Ellen Joyce was involved with emigration associations for about forty years

3. 218 The Adventures of Captain Moonlite

Researcher: Paul B. Kidd
About: Andrew George Scott
Born 1842 in Northern Ireland

2013 Western Ancestor Vol 12 No 6 June Index

26-year-old came to Australia in 1868
James Simpson, and Julius Wilhelm Ludwig Bruun, James Nesbit
Captain Moonlite was hanged alongside Thomas Rogan on the 20th January 1880

4. 221 Members’ Corner: The Fielding Family reunion:

Researcher: Christine Chamberlain

Edmund Marsland Fielding and his descendants
Born in 1843 in Oldham, Lancashire,
and had surviving siblings:
Mary [born 1833], William [1839], Stanley [1841],
Alfred [1844], Robert [1846], and Alice [1848]
Mary Fielding sailed to South Australia and married Michael Osborne

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