Western Ancestor Vol 12 No 11 September 2014



2014 Western Ancestor Vol 12 No 11 September - Cover & Credits

  SPECIAL ARTICLES2014 Western Ancestor Vol 12 No 11 Sept Contents

  320 WW1 Centenary diary 2014 – 2018 (not in this issue)
  321 A Story of two Brothers (not in this issue)
  317 Singapore: A Hidden treasure (not in this issue)


1. 324 (345) The project: Gallipoli dead from Western Australia


Part 2 Researcher: Shannon Lovelady
 (Page numbers different)
 At Last – The List! Gallipoli Dead from Western Australia Project

2. 345 - 367 List of names associated with the 11th battalion Photograph


3. 370 Walked Away from Death Twice


Researcher: Jennifer Gee
  Abouit: Alfred James Daniels (Photo)
  Born: 1876 in Kent, England
Parents: Richard and Adeliza Daniels
Husband of daughter Nellie: Frederick Edwin Parker

4. 368 World War Woes

Researcher: Brian Croker
About: Albert Arthur Croker
Parents: John and Amelia Croker
Arrived in Western Australia 1883
Married Margaret Walsh in 1902 in Perth, WA
Brother: George Croker in England

5. 373 The Battle of Waterloo 200th Anniversary 18th June 2015

Researcher: Lyn Coy
About: William Edwards and his wife Eleanor (nee Ayling)
Arrived in the Swan River Colony on the ship Rockingham on 14th May 1830

6. Battle of Waterloo VETERANS in the Swan River Colony who fought with Wellington

WILLIAM JOHN ADAMS 1792-1867 - Wife Elizabeth (nee Martin) in 1830
SERGEANT ELIJAH DAWSON 1797-1885 - Wife Ann (nee Wakeham) in 1830. (Photo)
WILLIAM EDWARDS 1792-1865 - Wife Eleanor (nee Ayling) in 1830.
CAPTAIN RICHARD GOLDSMITH-MEARES 1780-1862 - Wife Eleanor (nee Seymour) in 1829.
CAPTAIN JOHN MOLLOY 1786-1867 - Wife Georgiana (nee Kennedy) in 1830.
CAPTAIN WILLIAM SHAW 1788-1862 - Wife Eliza (nee Cooper) in 1830.
LIEUTENANT WILLIAM TRIMMER 1796-1835 - William arrived on the 'Atwick' in 1831.

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