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FHWA Affiliate Societies

About Affiliate Societies

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Affiliate Society Members

This class of membership of the FamilyHistoryWA (Western Australian Genealogical Society) is open to any incorporated organisation, formed with a principal object of promoting and participating in the study and research of genealogy, family history, heraldry and allied subjects, and which is bound by a constitution, rules or by-laws approved by its members. [Applicable to Western Australian Societies only]

Information shown here for each Society/Club includes; location of the library, postal address, and email address.

Some of the FHWA Affiliate Societies were formerly Branches of the Western Australian Genealogical Society who became Societies in their own right as of 1st April 2000. Some Affiliate Societies have closed down over the past few years, including: Carnarvon FHC, Goldfields FHS and Warren-Blackwood FHS.

FHWA Affiliate Societies web pages and location maps are available via links on the footer menus below.

For more information please go to the following pages:  Objects of the Society  -  Classes of Membership

If you are a representative of Family History Society based in Western Australian and would like to know more please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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