DNA Resources

Resources for learning about DNA for genealogy


There are further resources in the Members Only Section, which provides detailed how-to instructions for getting started with your DNA results

The FHWA DNA Facebook page has updates and items of interest for FHWA / WAGS members and public visitors.


There is an excellent Facebook group, which you have to apply to join, called Using DNA in Genealogy and Family History Research: Australia & NZ. This group is friendly and has many interested and knowledgable members who will help you with your enquiries.

Link: DNA Australia & NZ


This video presentation by Debbie Kennett, a well-known English genetic genealogist, introduces you to the three main types of DNA tests. It is a great introduction to how DNA testing can be used in your family tree research.

DNA for Beginners: The Three Tests



For a clearly written and simple overview of the main topics in DNA, we highly recommend Australian genetic genealogist    Louise Coakley  http://genie1.com.au/

Blaine T Benninger  is very highly regarded in genetic genealogy and following his blog is recommended  The Genetic Genealogist -  http://thegeneticgenealogist.com/


There is a wealth of information available at the website of ISOGG, and membership is free.

Before You Buy - Check out these tips from ISOGG before you consider testing

Below are some of the more useful pages for starting your journey, and you can keep on learning up to expert level just within their extensive ISOGG Wiki pages. There are hundreds of links to other sites when you're ready to explore.

Beginners Guide - links to blogs and articles for newbies

Testing Comparison Chart - comprehensive chart showing all the main testing companies and comparing the costs involved, the size of their databases, what happens to your DNA sample, and a wealth of other information that will help you to make an informed choice

DNA relationship charts - showing how much DNA is shared between relatives, which is invaluable for working out relationships between test matches




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