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All and any DNA questions are welcome in the Forum, which is open to everyone to read, but you do need to be a FHWA member to comment and contribute.

We meet the 4th Saturday in March and June and the 1st Saturday in September and December each year at WAGS Unit 4/48 May Street, Bayswater.  

A $2 donation at the meeting helps to build up funds to purchase additional resources for the library. We hope to see you at one of our meetings soon.

Convenor:      Christine Cavanagh
Email:            SIGS Contacts - Convenors - DNA Interest Group



NEXT MEETING - You MUST book your place to attend.  No booking, no entry !


7th December 2019 



Part 1 of our meeting was our guest speaker - Neil Bradley - who gave a very interesting (and inspiring) talk on his Family History and genetic genealogy journey. 
We then had a Panel and General discussion about the recent DNA Downunder Conferences that were held in Perth and Sydney. Attendees from the 3 day conference in Sydney gave their views on what they had learnt and shared information on new and emerging software and genetic genealogy techniques. 
We held a Raffle with the prize being an autographed copy of Blaine T Bettinger's very recent edition of  "The Family Tree  Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy". 

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28th March 2020

27th June 2020


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