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HMS Sulphur

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 settlersgazHMS Sulphur
Newsletter of the  Swan River Pioneers 1829 - 1838
 from Issue No.8, September 1996

HMS Sulphur

His Majesty's Sloop "Sulphur" arrived Swan River on 6th June 1829

Return of Officers and Ships Company of H.M.S.  "Sulphur"

    William T DANCE, Commander, with wife Helen
    William PRESTON, Snr.Lieutenant
    John C SICKLEMORE, Lieutenant
    John PERRIAM, Master
    Alexander COLLIE, Surgeon
    Jas.W JOHNSTON, Asst. Surgeon
    Richard SHOLL, Purser
    Joseph HOYTON, Carpenter
    James PARSON, Boatswain
    Richard DAWSON, Admt Mate
    Frederick A CUDLIP, Midshipman
    John B MADDEN, Midshipsman
    Disney C DISNEY, Midshipsman
    Thomas R SKOTTOWE, Fcl Class
    A H GILBERT, Clerk
    William ALDRIDGE, Crs Crew
    William SIMMONS, Seaman
    William MONK, Gun Room Steward
    Thomas DEVITT, Seaman
    William SEYMOUR, Crs crew
    Samual DURANT, Seaman
    James TAYLOR, Capr F Castle
    Edward SHOULDER, Gunners Mate
    John ROBERTS, Bosuns Mate
    John THOMPSON, Carpenters Mate
    John CHALMERS, Seaman
    George GILL, Seaman
    John O'BRYAN, Seaman
    Frederick PRESTON, Seaman
    George SCOVELL, Capr Main Top
    Thos McDOWELL, Seaman Sailmaker
    James CAMBEY, Seaman Sailmaker
    Daniel SELWAY, Seaman, Sailmaker
    Joseph COX, Seaman Sailmaker
    Thomas SMITH, Seaman Sailmaker
    William PIKE, Seaman Sailmaker
    Robert WITTS, Seaman Sailmaker
    David ADAMSON, Capr F Top
    John REDDINGTON, Armourer
    Michael CONNELLAN, Seaman
    John DOUGLAS, Seaman-Caprs Cox
    Peter FISHER, Seaman
    Peter LAWRENCE, Gun Room Cook
    Thomas KENTISH, Seaman
    William CROMER, Seaman
    Sal WILLIAMS, Seaman Quartermaster
    Thomas LEE, Seaman
    Thomas WILSON, Ships Cook
    John BURNS, Boatswains Mate
    Owen JONES, Seaman Quartermaster
    John POPE, Caprs Steward
    Edward BARNEY, Boy
    Henry TONG, Boy
    Samuel BARBER, Boy
    George LEACH, Boy
    Isaac BURROWS, Boy
    Henry T BRYAN, Boy

    Transcribed from Battye Library Acc 36 Vol 1/67 by Graham Bown.

    Muster Roll of the 63rd Regiment

    Captain Frederick Chidley IRWIN
    Lieutenant William PEDDER
    Ensign Donald Hume McLEOD
    Ensign Robert DALE
    Colour Sgt. Edward BARRON, # with Wife Jane, daughters Eliza and Jean
    Sergeant John SMALLMAN, with Wife Jane
    Sergeant H DAWSON
    Corporal Horatio HOLDEN
    Corporal Robert PHEE, with Wife Jane
    Corporal Joseph MADRILL
    Drummer John MITCHELL
    Private Andrew BARNETT *
    Private Andrew BENHOUSE
    Private Richard BONSALL
    Private Peter BROUGHTON, with Wife Mary
    Private Walter BURKE #
    Private Patrick CLINTON
    Private John W CONNOLLY #
    Private John DALEY, with Wife Mary, son William Sulphur
    Private James DOBBINS #
    Private William ELMORE, with Wife Elizabeth
    Private Patrick FARMER,# with Wife Margaret, son William
    Private Thomas FARMER, * with Wife Ann, son William
    Private Thomas FLACK
    Private John GODFREY *
    Private Michael GRADY
    Private Thomas GRIMES
    Private Patrick HEFRON, with Wife Ann
    Private Andrew HENNESSY, with Wife Margaret
    Private Henry HICKMAN *
    Private George HODGES, with Wife Mary
    Private Jean HODGES #
    Private Joseph HONOR
    Private James HUTCHINSON
    Private John JENKINS
    Private Jonathon JENKINS
    Private Edward JEFFERS, # with Wife Elice, son James
    Private William KERR
    Private Joseph MADRILL
    Private Edward MALONEY (1)*
    Private Edward MALONEY (2)
    Private George MALONEY
    Private George MASSELL
    Private James McGOUGH
    Private Michael McMAHON *
    Private John MITCHELL, * with Wife Jane
    Private Thomas MULLIGAN, with Wife Mary,
    Private Michael O'BRIEN, with Wife Margaret
    Private J RAHILL
    Private Terence SHERIDAN
    Private John REILLY, with Wife Margaret
    Private John STANTON #
    Private William STEEL *
    Private Patrick SWIFT, with Wife Eliza, daughter Mary Ann
    Private Thomas TALLON
    Private Samual WALLACE
    Private Henry WHEATLEY
    Private Thomas WIGGINS, with Wife Mary, daughter Mary
    Private William WRIGHT
    Private Henry YOUNG           

    # Discharged in the Colony      * Died in the Colony


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