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The Swan River Pioneers' newsletter , the Settlers Gazette, is produced quarterly and received by all members of the Western Australian Swan River Pioneers 1829-1838. These Passenger Lists and shipping arrivals have been transcribed from tables published in early copies of the "Western Australian Chronicle and Perth Gazette". The lists appear to be complete and accurate at least with the ships' names and arrival dates. Fully searchable indexes of passenger lists for these ships and others are available to members; see what is available under our Indexes and Databases page. Members can log in and go direct to the Swan River Colony Passenger Arrivals and Departures 1826-1838.

The tonnages given have nothing to do with the ships weight, but are a measurement of the volume in a ship's hull, calculated at the rate of one ton to 100 cubic feet. The actual weight of the ships was usually much less than the registered tonnage.

The following Passenger Lists and Shipping details have been extracted from the Settlers Gazette newsletter 1996-1998.
(Ships shown in blue have a link to the passenger list, if not blue there is no list available here)

From the "Western Australian Chronicle and Perth Gazette" No.2, February 26, 1831
No. Arrival Date Ships' Name Tons From Departed No. of Pass.
1 Apr 25th 1829 HMS Challenger - Cape Aug 28th -
2 June 1st Parmelia 443 England - -
3 June 8th HMS Sulphur - England Remains - 63rd Regt.
4 Aug 5th Calista - England Sept 26th 73
5 Aug 6th St. Leonard 353 Cape Sept 22 -
6 Aug 23rd Marquis of Anglesea 352 England Grounded 95 + 16 troops
7 Sept 20th Thompson 266 Sydney Nov 7th -
8 Sept 22nd Amity 175 N.W. Coast Sept 29th -


From the "Western Australian Chronicle and Perth Gazette" No.5, March 5th, 1831
No. Arrival Date Ships' Name Tons From Departed No. of Pass.
9 Oct 5th Georgiana 403 Hobart Town - 40th Regt.
10 Oct 6th Lotus 437 England Nov 15th 105
12 Oct 9th Ephemina 285 Hobart Town Nov 19th 13
13 Oct 12th Orelia 382 Hobart Town Nov 7th 13
14 Oct 12th Caroline 330 London Nov 8th 64
15 Oct 12th Cumberland ??? Bombay Oct 15th 5
11 Oct 17th Governor Phillip 173 Raffles Bay Nov 17th 39th Regt.
16 Oct 19th Atwick ??? London Nov 15th 75
17 Oct 21st Admiral Gifford 43 Timor Oct 26th -
18 Nov 11th Lion (Lyon) 275 Hobart Town Dec 19th 88
19 Nov 14th Dragon 131 Hobart Town Nov 29th -
20 Nov 28th HMS Success - - - -


From the "Western Australian Chronicle and Perth Gazette" No.8, April 9th 1831
No. Arrival Date Ships' Name Tons From Departed No. of Pass.
21 Dec 15th Gilmore 500 London Mar 20th 179
22 Jan 9th 1830 Norfolk 536 Sydney Jan 21st -
23 Jan 15th Nancy 382 London Mar 8th -
24 Jan 15th Leda 188 Sydney Feb 1st -
25 Jan 17th Skerne 121 Liverpool Aug 23rd -

Source: Early Newspapers the JS Battye Library of West Australian History

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