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Newsletter of the  Swan River Pioneers 1829 - 1838
 from Issue No.14, March 1998


    The LOTUS Arrived Swan River on 23rd October 1829
    As the original Passenger List has not been located, this has been compiled from the 1832 Census with further information from a Battye Library Register of Inward Passengers printed in "Arial".   The B.L. reference for this register is not known at this stage.   Passenger names marked with an * are recorded in this Register.   Ages given are those at the time of the 1832 Census.{England abbreviated to Eng}.   Lloyd's Register for 1829, gives the following details for the "Lotus".   Ship, 397 tonnes, sheathed with copper, single deck with beams, built in 1828 at Whitby, surveyed A1 at London in April 1829, under the command of Captain Summerson.  Most of the settlers on board are indentured to Colonel Peter Latour who planned an ambitious emigration scheme on 100,000 acres of land in the Leschenault area.   The scheme came to nothing, and within a year most settlers were freed from their indentures.

    Compiled Passenger List
    				ALLEN (ALLIE) John *
    	ALYEMORE James*
    	BARNARD John*	Farming servant with Latour 38 Sussex
    	BARNARD Elizabeth*	Wife of John 32
    	BARNARD Edward*	Son of John 13
    	BARNARD William*	Son of John 9
    	BARNARD Ann*	Daughter of John 7
    	BARNARD Charles*
    	BEACHAM William*	Sawyer with Latour 40 Hampshire Eng
    	BEACHAM Mary Ann*
    	BEACHAM Jane*	Daughter of William  14
    	BEACHAM James*	Son of William 9
    	BEACHAM Levi*	Son of William 7
    	BEACHAM Reuben*
    	BEACHAM Elizabeth*
    	BUDDEN Robert*	Sawyer with Latour
    	COLLINS Robert	Innkeeper 32 Devonshire Eng
    	COLLINS Georgiana	Wife of Robert 28 Hampshire Eng
    	COLLINS Georgiana	Daughter of Robert 7 London Eng
    	COOKE John Taylor*	Carpenter with Latour b1808
    	CRESSEY Thomas	Groom and Servant 22 Essex Eng
    	DAVIS John*	Servant/Self b1777
    	DAVIS Frances*	Wife of John Okey b1783
    	DAVIS Frances*	Daughter of John Okey b1806
    	DAVIS John*	Son of John Okey b1808
    	DAVIS Henry*	Son of John Okey b1810
    	DAVIS Elizabeth*	Daughter of John Okey b1815
    	DAVIS Anne*	Daughter of John Okey b1820
    	DAVIS<frederick*>DAVIS Sarah Okey* Daughter of John Okey b1824
    	DOEL (DOLE) Isaac*
    	DUTTON John Alexander	Storekeeper 32 Surrey Eng
    	DUTTON Mary Ann	Wife of John Alexander 27 Middlesex Eng
    	DUTTON Frederick C	Son of John Alexander 4 Middlesex Eng
    	DUTTON John Alexander 	Son of John Alexander 2 At sea
    	DUTTON Julia
    	FOXALE (FOXALL) George*
    	GALLOP Edward*	18 Sussex Eng
    	GALLOP Richard*
    	GALLOP James*
    	GARRETT Charles B*
    	GOODYEAR James*
    	GOODYEAR Harriet*
    	GOODYEAR John*
    	GREEN Charles*
    	GREGORY Joshua*	Army Captain on half pay b1792
    	GREGORY Frances*	Wife of Joshua b1794
    	GREGORY Joshua William* Son of Joshua b1815
    	GREGORY Augustus Charles* Son of Joshua b1819
    	GREGORY Francis Thomas* Son of Joshua b1821
    	GREGORY Henry Chruchman* Son of Joshua b1823
    	GREGORY Charles Frederick*
    	GROVER William*	22 Sussex Eng
    	HALDANE Thomas	Gardener b1800 Bristol Eng
    	HENSHAW Charles	Farmer with Latour b1813
    	HESTER Thomas*	Agriculturalist b1790 Eng
    	HESTER Sophia*
    	HESTER Thomas*
    	HESTER Edward
    	HESTER Sarah Sophia* 	Daughter of Thomas b1821 Eng
    	HESTER Robert*	Son of Thomas
    	HESTER Frederick John*	Son of Thomas Eng
    	HILL(S) William
    	HORSPOOL John*	Servant to J. Gregory b1815
    	HORSPOOL Mary Ann*
    	HUBBARD John*	Sawyer with Latour 25 Eng
    	ISAACSON John
    	JONES Richard*	Publican 37 Sunderland Eng
    	JONES Louisa*
    	JONES Richard*	Son of Richard 11 Shadwell Eng
    	JONES William James* 	Son of Richard 10 Shadwell Eng
    	JONES Louisa*	Daughter of Richard 9 Shadwell Eng
    	JONES Mary Anne*	Daughter of Richard 7 Shadwell Eng
    	JONES Maria*	Daughter of Richard 5 Shadwell Eng
    	KELLAM John*
    	LEWINGTON William* 	Blacksmith with Latour 25 Hampshire Eng
    	LINOTT Charles*	 Blacksmith with Latour  b1796
    	LONGBOTTOM James* 	Servant to Hester  b1805
    	McDONALD Hugh*
    	MAXWORTHY Richard* 	Cooper 49 Devonshire Eng
    	MAXWORTHY Mary Ann* Wife of Richard 27 London Eng
    	MAXWORTHY Richard* 	Son of Richard 7 London Eng
    	MAXWORTHY Mary Ann*  Daughter of Richard 4 London Eng
    	MAYO Lewis*	 Publican 33 Italy
    	MEARES John*	 Farm Servant with Latour 26 Eng
    	MONGER John Henry* 	Agriculturalist with Latour 30 Kent Eng
    	MONGER Mary*	 Wife of John Henry 30 Kent Eng
    	OAKLEY William* 	Baker with Latour 21 Somerset Bath Eng
    	PATERSON Mary Anne 	Wife of David J Gregory 19 Canterbury Eng
    	PETE (PETI) Robert
    	PIKE (PYKE) George*
    	ROBERTSON John (Thomas)* Carpenter & Blockmaker
    	ROBERTSON Christiana*	Wife of John (Thomas) 30 Fifeshire Scotland
    	ROSE Hyra Holden*	Servant of W.G. Sams b1806
    	SAMS William (Rich)Gardener*
    	SHARMAN George*
    	SHENTON William Kernot*	 Agriculturalist with Latour 28 Hampshire Eng
    	SHOESMITH William*
    	SPARROW Richard*
    	STEEL(E) William*	Publican 32 Sussex Eng
    	STEEL(E) Anne*	Wife of William 26 Norfolk Eng
    	THORN Richard*	Labourer with Latour 30 Hampshire Eng
    	TRIGG Henry*	Carpenter/Self 41 Gloucester Eng
    	TUCKER John*
    	USHER Charles*
    	WISKILL Charles*
    	WOOD(S) William*	Labourer with Latour 37 Suffolk Eng
    	WOOD(S) Lucy*	Wife of William 26 Suffolk, Eng
    	WOOD(S) John*	Son of William 10 Suffolk Eng
    	WOOD(S) Jane*	Daughter of William 8 Suffolk Eng
    	WOOD(S) George*	Son of William 6 Suffolk Eng
    	WOOD(S) Maria*	Daughter of William 4 Suffolk Eng
      What They Brought With Them
      The following details of property brought to the Colony by WK Shenton and Joshua Gregory as listed in their applications for land give us a glimpse of our pioneers life and living conditions.

      Description and Quality of Property
      Live Stock: None
      Seeds and Plants:   2 Bush Grass Seeds, Garden Seeds.
      Impements of Husbandry and Machinery:   Saw Mill complete, iron work, wheels & vices, carpenter tools, turning lathe, boring machine, nails, screws, ironmongery, scales, mathematical drawing instruments.
      Miscellaneous:   Medicines, furniture, apparel, books, linen, guns, pistols, powder, shot, balls, cups, plates, etc.

      Signed:   WK Shenton, Perth, 23rd October, 1829.         
      Reference: Battye Library Acc 36 Vol.2/159

      Description and Quality of Property
      Impements of Husbandry and Machinery:   Ploughs, harrows, scythes, sickles, spades, wheel barrow, small cart, tension saws, etc.
      Seeds, plants, etc;   Corn, grape, kitchen and garden seeds etc.
      Provisions not luxuries:   Beef, pork, rice, flour, bisciuts, spirits etc., salt.
      Miscellaneous:   Carpenters tools, tents, household furniture, arms, ammunition etc.

      Signed J Gregory, Perth, 15th October, 1829.         
      Reference: Battye Library Acc 36 Vol.2/160

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